One of Europe’s leading dealers of mobile crushers and screens is undoubtedly Starloc Auvergne in France.  With a proud history dating back to almost the beginning of mobile solutions, the company has embraced modern and advanced mobile crushing and screening supplying Screencore equipment. The advanced ranges have found a particular niche in France, turning construction and demolition waste into valuable products. 

One of the first major global markets where Screencore products was positively embraced was France. Here companies involved particularly in the demolition and recycling industries were quick to see how Screencore material processing and handling equipment could aid their business operations. Playing a major part in the success of Screencore in France has been the company’s relationship with French crushing and screening expert Starloc. This relationship led directly to a number of compact Screencore XL tracked jaw crushers and Trident 124 screeners being used to recycle construction and demolition materials. The attributes of the Screencore equipment have enabled French users to turn waste into high quality aggregates and other valuable products.

Starloc’s adoption of Screencore equipment alongside its existing product portfolio directly points to the versatility and processing efficiency of the Screencore range.  “The Screencore product range was developed in order to meet the needs of the modern contractor.  We have set out to build to the highest standards equipment that helps people in the field be more profitable, efficient and effective in what they do. We have also incorporated environmental efficiency into every step of our processes to minimise customers’ carbon footprint.  All this has meant that working with Starloc, particularly in servicing the complex construction materials recycling market in France, has seen Screencore equipment adopted at several sites, turning construction waste into reusable and/or resaleable products,” explains Screencore director, Ciarán Ryan.

Modern and affordable crushing and screening power

A Starloc supplied compact crushing and screening combination that has proved itself numerous times has been the Screencore XL Dual-Power tracked jaw crusher working alongside (before or after) a Screencore Trident 124 scalper/screener. The features found on the modern, productive and environmentally friendly Screencore range have made the processing of demolition and construction waste a relatively straightforward process. “Quick set up times, easily adjusted closed side settings, fuel efficiency (dual-power) and ease of transport are just some of the reasons that has seen contractors and recyclers adopt Screencore equipment,” explains Ciarán Ryan.

In order to highlight how the Screencore equipment has been put to work, a typical application sees in the first instance a Screencore XL Dual-Power Crusher being fed the demolished or excavated material, usually by an excavator or loading shovel. The Screencore XL itself is a dual-power 700mm x 500mm (28″ x 20″) jaw crusher designed with a compact footprint. It has proved to be ideally suited to the modern demands of a recycling contractor, rental fleet or inner-city demolition/recycling site. It weighs in at just 18,250kg (40,000lbs) which means that it can be easily relocated without the need for permits. It is designed to be both environmentally and acoustically friendly while delivering impressive throughput even on hard rock applications or concrete with rebar.

Following crushing to -100mm, the material is then fed into a 17,000kg Trident 124 scalper/screener to produce 0/25mm,25/60mm and +60mm products. In addition, any ferrous metals such as rebar or wire, are easily removed for resale/recycling by the overband magnet on the XL crusher’s discharge conveyor before being fed into the screen. In many applications the 0/25mm material is generally used for pipe bedding; 25-60mm directly as road subbase or as feed material for secondary crushing for concrete production, whilst the +60mm is used as drainage stone. The combined set-up time for this crushing and screening combination is less than 30 minutes.

Getting to the material

Due to the easily transportable and modern nature of the equipment, French contractors and Starloc have found that the Screencore crusher and screen combination can be readily transported to where the material is. This means that the material can be processed where it originated and generally where it is needed resulting in no unnecessary emissions, material handling or transport costs.  In addition, the local environment is not subject to unnecessary traffic disturbances and the overall carbon footprint of the contract is dramatically reduced.  

“When we looked at supplying the Screencore range into France, the first company we spoke to was Starloc.  Through our relationship with them, we have been able to provide our compact, modern, productive and environmentally focused crushers, screens, trommels and stockpilers to contractors and recycling companies in France where and when they need them.  Although possessing features that makes them ideal for working in hard rock quarries and aggregate plants, the Screencore XL Dual-Power crusher and the Trident 124 scalper/screener are proving to be the perfect combination on many French construction and demolition projects,” concludes Screencore director Ciarán Ryan.

SANY UK has launched the new Stage V compliant, 78-tonne SY750H crawler excavator, the largest model now available in the UK market. This new addition to the SANY range boasts impressive features and capabilities designed to meet the evolving demands of large-scale construction projects. With a powerful Cummins X15 Stage V engine and enhanced hydraulic system, the SY750H delivers exceptional digging force, making it ideal for heavy-duty excavation and earthmoving tasks. Its advanced technology and robust construction ensure optimal efficiency, reliability, and durability, even in the most challenging environments.

Key features of the SY750H excavator include:

Exceptional Power: Equipped with a high-performance Cummins engine, the SY750H meets Stage V emission regulations and delivers superior power and torque boasting 391 kW gross power, a maximum dig depth of 7,580 mm, 410 kN of bucket breakout force and 354 kN of dipper tear out force.

Enhanced Efficiency: The advanced variable hydraulic control system optimises the excavator’s performance, providing faster cycle times and increased fuel efficiency. Selectable working modes further improve overall operating efficiency, allowing you to match performance to the job application and ultimately helps to save on fuel costs and the durability of the machine. 

Durable Design: The SY750H is designed, built and tested with durability in mind. Featuring a heavy-duty undercarriage 100% steel bodywork and solid boom it provides an exemplary level of stability. High-quality components as well as easy and safe access to all maintenance points also ensures extended service intervals and minimal downtime.

Comfort and Safety: The SY750H is designed to enhance operator comfort and ease of operation. The ergonomically designed ROPS/FOPS certified cab is equipped with modern amenities such as deluxe, fully adjustable, heated operators seat, large 10 inch, high resolution colour display, automatic climate control, radio, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity and large storage compartment including integrated cooling box. 

The SY750H also includes a combination of safety features that work together to minimise risks to those people in and around the machineincluding rear and side view cameras to enhance the operators sight line, travel alarm and warning beacon. LED work lights also come as standard and are positioned on the boom, front and side of the cab, for improved visibility in low light conditions and helping to prevent accidents on site.  

Leigh Harris, Business Development Director for SANY UK, said “SANY UK is excited to introduce the SY750H excavator to the UK market. SANY has a strong pedigree in large excavators with machines up to 300 tonnes operating in some markets around the world. The SY750H is the largest machine to enter the European market so far and features the same quality, fuel efficiency and cab comforts as our SY390H and SY500H which are both receiving great feedback from our customer base.”

All SANY excavators are registered and protected with the CESAR Datatag Scheme and CESAR ECV for quick and easy verification of emissions category and the SANY SY750H also comes with an industry leading 5-year / 5000-hour warranty as well as a comprehensive range of service and support packages. 

For more information about the SY750H excavator or to explore SANY UK’s full range of heavy machinery, visit

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SANY Group started in 1989 as a small welding supply company founded by four young men who wanted to offer better products to the world. Over the last three decades, SANY Group has grown and evolved into a global brand with a sales turnover of $21 billion in 2021, manufacturing and supplying a diverse range of products including construction and industrial equipment, renewable energy solutions, finance & insurance services, precast concrete housing, heavy duty mining equipment and industrial communications. One of the most successful products in the SANY range is their hydraulic excavator and in 2020 the company achieved the number one sales position for global excavator sales, selling 98,705 excavators worldwide, accounting for 15% of the global market. SANY truly is an international company with three listed companies and a presence in 140 countries around the world, including global R&D and manufacturing facilities in India, Brazil, Germany and USA. SANY UK & Ireland is the latest addition to SANY’s global network of companies.

Brigade Electronics – a leading provider of safety solutions for the utility industry – will be showcasing its range of products for vehicles and machinery at The Utility Expo in Louisville, KY between September 26th and 28th.

Known for its innovative range of safety devices and systems, Brigade’s products include its White Sound® bbs-tek® warning alarms, its award-winning Backeye®360 – a 360-degree camera that provides a complete bird’s-eye view of the vehicle and its surroundings in real time – and ultrasonic obstacle detection systems, which can detect obstacles close to the vehicle, whether moving or stationary.

Brigade will also be demonstrating its RFID Detection System, ZoneSafe®. 

Designed for use in challenging environments, such as warehouses, construction sites, manufacturing sites, trash sites, airports, and distribution centers, ZoneSafe® uses vehicle-mounted antennas that communicate with detection tags, which can be worn by workers, set up in restricted areas or placed on objects or property. When a tag enters a detection zone, the vehicle operator will automatically receive a visual and audible alert via the in-cab control unit, which will enable them to take the necessary action. Tags worn by workers on foot will also vibrate to warn of an approaching vehicle.

Corey Heniser, CEO of Brigade Electronics INC, said:

“Brigade has extensive experience of working with the utility sector to supply and fit safety solutions across an extensive range of vehicles and machinery. Worksite and road safety are at the heart of everything we do and supporting essential services with preventing hazards and maintaining high safety records is part of this important work. We are looking forward to attending The Utility Expo and meeting with others in the industry.”

Brigade Electronics will be attending The Utility Expo at the Kentucky Exposition Center from September 26th to 28th. Find them at stand S3607.

Join us for a hands-on experience at the Hitachi Connected Technology Dig Day, taking place at the prestigious E.J. Churchill shooting ground in High Wycombe.

View a range of Hitachi machinery equipped with 3D machine control systems from Leica and Trimble, market leading tiltrotators from Steelwrist, Rototilt and Engcon, as well as height, slew & RCI monitoring from X-Watch. Also on offer will be HCT’s unique mixed fleet telematics system, CTFleet Link©.

Catering and refreshments will be available throughout the day.
Please note: PPE is required on site (High vis & Safety boots 


What is arguably the biggest crawler dozer operating anywhere in the UK has been impressing the team at Paterson Quarries’ Burrowine Moor silicia sand quarry near Alloa in Scotland. The powerful Komatsu D475A-8 has been ripping and dozing around 7,000 tonnes of the much sought-after sand every week since it was delivered to the site by the UK’s sole distributor of Komatsu construction and utility equipment, Marubeni-Komatsu.

Established in 1973, Patersons operates a network of quarries across Scotland. It supplies its specialist sands to a wide range of customers throughout the UK and Ireland who use it for a variety of applications.  These include construction, glass manufacturing, cattle bedding, horse riding arenas and some of the country’s most prestigious golf courses, such as those at Loch Lomond and Ardare Manor.

The Komatsu D475A-8 is a monster of a machine, replacing a five-year-old D475A-5 model.  It was supplied with an extra wear package to meet the heavy demands placed on it at the quarry where the hard compacted silicia sand can be difficult to loosen before being stockpiled ahead of it being transported to a Kleemann MC110 crusher for processing.

Operator Robert Bryson says the new model is a big improvement and ‘far superior’ to its predecessor, offering an exceptional working environment and an array of safety features.  Quarry manager Martin Lyle agrees: “It’s a huge upgrade compared to our previous machine.”

Operator comfort, of course, is essential for safe and productive work. The newly designed spacious cab on the D475A-8, which features a rear-view camera system, is quiet and comfortable and is easy and safe to enter and exit.  This is thanks to the addition of hydraulically operated steps.

The cab’s hexagonal design and large tinted glass windows offer excellent visibility of both the blade and the ripper, while a high capacity climate control system pressurises the cab to keep dust out. A high-quality sound-absorbent lining covers the interior to minimise noise levels for the operator who also enjoys the benefits of an air-suspension heated and ventilated seat that reduces vibrations.

Gear shifting is simplified, while an electronically-controlled joystick allows the operator 

to move both blade and ripper quicker and more accurately…

A large high-resolution LCD monitor gives quick access to the auto-idle shutdown, the Operator Identification System, the auto ripper return and the auto blade tilt functions. The layout for the steering console and work equipment lever has been upgraded from previous models. The height of the steering console can be adjusted electronically and gear shifting is simplified with push buttons.  The electronically-controlled joystick allows the operator to move both the 15-tonne 27.2 m³ blade and the ripper quicker and more accurately than ever before.

With an operating weight close on 120 tonnes, it is powered by a fuel-efficient EU Stage V compliant Komatsu SAA12V140E-7 engine, which provides 697 kW / 934 hp @ 2,000 rpm in forward gear and 777 kW / 1040 hp @ 2,000 rpm in reverse. 

Set by default, the D475A-8 has a highly efficient transmission that automatically matches the best gear mode in all dozing operations and includes a travel speed preset function to reduce work time and fatigue for the operator. Gear changes are smoothly timed to always keep the power transfer at maximum efficiency.  To reduce the frequency of gear shifting and for comfortable machine operation, a shift preset mode is provided as standard equipment. 

The preset switch lets the operator select a combination of forward/reverse gear shifts by using the UP/DOWN shift switch on the steering lever.  To reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, and for lower operating costs, the Komatsu auto idle shutdown automatically turns off the engine after it idles for a set period of time.  This can be easily programmed from 5 to 60 minutes. An Eco-gauge and Eco guidance tips on the cab monitor further encourage efficient operations.

For increased blade performance and better machine balance, Komatsu uses a box blade design. Highly wear resistant steel is used for the front and sides of the blade to increase durability. Indeed, the Semi-U blade will stand up to the toughest applications as has been well proven at the silicia sand quarry. The shape of the blade not only improves carrying capacity, but prevents material spillage.

Meanwhile, thanks to the new ripper arm structure, the visible area of the ripper shank is drastically enlarged. With all cylinders connected to the ripper shank holder, it allows maximum pry-out force. Its key feature is the ripper point movement that lifts the material during the ripper shank operation to greatly improve overall performance. The shank supplies great penetration into various types of materials, such as the compacted silicia sand, and is fitted with special wear parts for increased longevity.

Keeping the dozer in optimum operating condition is straightforward. For example, a swing fan gives easy cleaning access to the front-side of the radiator core, while heavy duty steps lead up to the rear platform with large hand rails for safe access to rear maintenance points. Fuel and washer fluid levels check and refill, cleaning of cab windows and air conditioner condenser, cab lights replacement and other routine maintenance can all be performed safely and efficiently. 

As for the service and support provided by distributors Marubeni-Komatsu, it is described by Martin Lyle as ‘gold standard.’ He adds: “They are only ever a phone call away should any problems arise, not that we have had any major issues with the Komatsu dozer, and we don’t expect to, given the long and dependable performance of the old D475A-5 model.”

Alan Greenshields, Marubeni‑Komatsu Limited’s Regional Sales Manager for Scotland comments: “With this now being the third Komatsu Super Dozer that Paterson’s Quarries have purchased as their prime mover for their Fife Silica Operation, we are delighted that our valued customer has once again chosen to continue their partnership with Marubeni Komatsu Ltd and replace their tried and very well tested Komatsu D475A-5 with our new DASH-8 variant.

“The decision to go with the original Komatsu D375A back in 2005 feels like a lifetime ago now.  However, it has been a journey that we have made collectively.  With the invaluable experience that has been gained over the last eighteen years for all parties involved, a number of the new features and product improvements on the latest D475A-8 have been borne as a direct result of our Komatsu product’s working in this extreme application.

“This when coupled with our bespoke customer support package gave our customer the confidence that it was the right choice going forward – again!”

Gregory Peeters, Komatsu Europe International’s Product Manager-Large Machines, adds that delivering the D475A-8 to the silicia sand quarry was the result of a long and close collaboration between Komatsu, Marubeni and Patersons. 

“Together we were able to understand the jobsite’s unique challenges and find ways to overcome them. We are thankful that Patersons has chosen D475A-8 to continue to provide high quality products to their customers throughout the UK and Ireland,” says Gregory.

The team at Foyle & Marine Dredging are making steady progress on the construction of a new €17m Breakwater in Greencastle on behalf of Donegal County Council.  Its entire fleet of Hitachi excavators is utilised including its flagship 180-tonne, 30m reach Hitachi EX1200 that goes by the name of Grizzly 2.0. It is Foyle & Marine Dredging’s first project as Main Contractor and represents a significant step forward as the company builds for the future.

As the second largest white fish port in Ireland, Greencastle is home to a large inshore fleet mainly engaged in shellfish and crab, together with significant fishing support services including fish processing, marine engineering, boat building and net making.

The construction of a curving rock armour breakwater to the south-west of the harbour entrance to create safer entry for all vessels including the Greencastle to Magilligan ferry is vitally important.  It will reduce the vulnerability of vessels within the harbour to wave climate and improve the safety and effectiveness of the harbour for all users including tourism and leisure users availing of pontoon facilities. It will also lessen the impact of the natural tidal flow through the mouth of Lough Foyle.

Working from a temporary quay at the Queensport in Greencastle, Foyle & Marine mobilised to the site in April and is expected to complete the project just before Christmas. The project itself consists of the placement of around 200,000 tonnes of rock with a geotextile underlay and primary armour in the 1-3 tonne range.

Comments Foyle & Marine’s Ciaran Cunningham: “To date, we have placed over 90,000 tonnes of stone, work is progressing as planned, so we are on schedule, subject to the weather, to complete the breakwater by December, with all our Hitachi excavators performing very well.”

The Irish Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue and Cathaoirleach of Donegal County Council, Cllr Liam Blaney, officially ‘broke ground’ on the Greencastle Harbour Breakwater project in June.  A ceremony was held to mark the official start of the project, together with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque to mark the occasion. Much of the funding has come from the Brexit Adjustment Local Authority Marine Infrastructure Scheme, with Donegal County Council providing 5% of the construction cost and all non-construction related costs. 

Minister McConalogue states: “The Greencastle Harbour Breakwater project has been the top of my agenda and I was delighted to unveil a commemorative plaque to mark the beginning of works on the project. It will be a game changer for Greencastle and the marine community here. I thank all those involved in the project including the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Donegal County Council, Foyle & Marine Dredging and Doran Consulting, who are administering the project.”

Seamus Bovaird, secretary of the Greencastle Harbour Users’ Group, which represents the vast majority of those using the harbour, has also welcomed the project. “To see workmen and machinery moving around the Queensport is something that we have been looking forward to for many years,” he says. “There have been many changes in the fishing industry since 2008, when initial work on the breakwater ceased, not many of them good, but the harbour is still at the heart of the community. Further development of the harbour will create job opportunities to replace those lost in the fishing industry.”

Construction has seen all of Foyle & Marine’s Hitachi fleet being used,

including a new Hitachi ZX300-7 Super Long Front excavator…

As previously mentioned, construction of the breakwater has seen all of Foyle & Marine’s Hitachi fleet being used.  This includes a recently acquired Hitachi ZX300-7 Super Long Front excavator which is working alongside an onshore based EX1200-7, assisted by a ZX890-7, a ZX530-7, and a ZX210-7, all supplied by TBF Thompson (Garvagh) Ltd. Leading from the front is the Hitachi EX1200-6 Grizzly 2.0 on board Foyle & Marine’s Spudleg Barge ‘Tara Marie’.

What makes this modified Hitachi EX1200 so much different from the standard model is the Triplex Boom which utilises two EX1900 rams in addition to the EX1200 standard rams for increased power at 30 metres reach and 20 metres digging depth. With an impressive load curve for handling rock armour and precast concrete units up to 13 tonnes, the machine truly lives up to its name ‘Grizzly 2.0’. A significantly wider undercarriage also provides a greater degree of stability, achieved by rotating the H-frame 90 degrees and bolting it to the top of two specially manufactured lengthening beams, resting on the track frames. 

Also, being put to good use on the project are two 30-tonne Bell articulated dump trucks which transport material from a stockpile to the end of the breakwater.  Rock is being delivered to the site via the road network and from Foyle Port at Lisahally on an 850m3 Split Hopper barge from Baars BV and Foyle & Marine’s Tug ‘Chloe May’, built by Dutch based Damen. Brought on to the site, too, was a Terex Orbital Conveyor, but it wasn’t required in the end.

“Hitachi is our ‘go to’ brand because

they are super reliable, well built and are operator friendly…”

“The Hitachi is our ‘go to’ brand, not least because they are super reliable, well built, strong, safe and stable and are user and operator friendly,” says Ciaran. “Plus, we get great back up from Hitachi and TBF Thompson. We make good use of Hitachi’s Global e-Service, which is an online portal where we can monitor our machines in real time.” 

That includes operational data, including working hours, pressures, temperatures and payloads, as well as fuel levels and consumption figures, which is sent from the machine on a daily basis via GPRS or satellite to a main server managed by Hitachi. It is then processed and available to view on the Global e-Service website.

Up until now Foyle & Marine Dredging may have been regarded as a specialist sub contractor, but adds Ciaran: “With Constructionline Gold accreditation and ISOs such as 9000, 14001 and 45001, we are well placed to bid for more projects as a Main Contractor going forward.”

Awesome Earthmovers visited KGHM’s Carlota copper mine in March to see their 2-year-old Cat 6015B Hydraulic Mining Shovel. Located around 80 miles east of central Phoenix, Arizona, the mine sits in the mountains at an elevation of 4,200 feet above sea level. 

Open-cast copper mining is a complex and capital-intensive process that requires careful planning, engineering, and environmental management to minimise its impact on the surrounding environment and communities. Environmental monitoring, reclamation, and closure plans are important components of responsible mining practices to mitigate the potential negative effects of open-cast copper mining on ecosystems, water quality, and local communities.

The Carlota Mine, located in the picturesque Miami-Globe mining region of Arizona, has a rich history of copper production. Discovered in the mid-1990s, the mine’s resources were confirmed after years of collecting baseline environmental, social, and geological data to assess its feasibility and potential impact on the environment. Production began in 2008, with the first copper cathode being produced in the fourth quarter of the same year. The mine was later acquired by KGHM Polska Miedź SA as part of the Quadra FNX acquisition in 2012.

Extraction of copper ore from the Carlota mine follows conventional methods used in open pit mining, including blasting and hauling the ore with haul trucks. The extracted ore is then deposited on heaps for leaching with a sulfuric acid solution. The copper-enriched solution obtained after leaching is processed at the SX-EW (solvent extraction-electrowinning) to produce high-quality copper cathodes, which are the final product of the process. In 2015, the site introduced the SSL (subsurface leaching) system, allowing for the injection of sulfuric acid under low pressure directly into the heap, which has improved the extraction of metal from the ore that was not fully leached in the past.

The geology of the Miami-Globe mining district is known for its economically large-scale porphyry copper, gold, and molybdenum deposits, such as the Miami-Inspiration and Cu Resolution. The area is made up of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks of various ages ranging from the early Proterozoic to the Tertiary. The Carlota deposit is formed by the surface mineralisation of copper oxides in the Proterozoic Pinal Schist, with chrysocolla being the dominant ore mineral occurring as coatings, crusts, and filling in fractures and heavily disintegrated rock masses.

The Cat 6015B mining shovel is a heavyweight machine purpose-built for mining applications. With an operating weight of over 140 tonnes and a maximum digging depth of 28 feet, it is capable of handling large-scale excavation tasks in challenging mining environments. Equipped with real-time machine health monitoring, the 6015B offers enhanced productivity and efficiency. Its spacious operator cabin is designed for comfort and features excellent visibility, ensuring operators can work efficiently and safely during long hours of operation. Built to withstand the harsh conditions of mining operations, the 6015B is constructed with durability and reliability in mind, with easy access to service points for efficient maintenance. With its powerful performance, cutting-edge technology, and operator comfort features, the Cat 6015B is a trusted choice for mining companies seeking a high-performance machine to optimize productivity and reliability in their operations.

Having previously rented, the Carlota mine embarked on a process to purchase their own mining shovel. They initially considered various brands and went so far as to actually visit sites to see machines in live production work.  Senior Mine Supervisor, Richard Powers noted that the aesthetics of the Cat 6015B played a significant role in their decision to purchase the machine. Richard further emphasised that the ease of maintenance, particularly with regards to the cooling system, was a key deciding factor in their purchase.

When we arrived, the mining shovel was perched on its ideal bench height for efficient operation of 10 to 12 feet, although it can occasionally handle 15 feet. The 6015B can move 11,000 to 15,000 tonnes of material per shift, when paired with the Cat 785 trucks. The 11-yard3 bucket allows for loading in 8 to 11 passes. In case of any backup requirements, a Cat 993K wheel loader is available as support. 

Although conventionally paired with Cat 775 or 777 haul trucks, Carlota have chosen to pair their 6015B with heavier 785s having found that it works well with the right operator. Andrew Peru is one of the first operators Carlota hired in 2007 and has 18 years’ experience with 2 years on the 6015B. Richard Powers is full of praise for Andrew: “As a Senior Mine Supervisor, I’ve had the opportunity to work with various professionals in the mining industry, and I can confidently say that Andrew Peru is a notch above the rest.” 

According to Andrew, this machine is not only sturdy and comfortable, but it’s also quick and powerful in loading applications. Having previously operated a Komatsu PC1200 and Hitachi face shovel, Andrew finds the 6015B to be a standout choice. One of the perks Andrew enjoys while operating the 6015B is listening to 80s music on the built-in radio. Moreover, Andrew appreciates that the 6015B is easier on his back compared to the machines he has operated in the past. 

Jessica Goodwin, Operations and Safety Coordinator, shares her experience with the Cat VisionLink®telematics system used in the Cat 6015B. According to Jessica, this advanced system provides her with valuable information to effectively manage maintenance and operations. The system sends her alerts when planned maintenance is due, allowing her to proactively schedule maintenance and order service kits in advance. Jessica also mentions that the system provides fuel burn reports and tracks machine activity, notifying her when the machine is working or idle. Additionally, Jessica and the maintenance supervisor receive daily email updates from the VisionLink system, giving them real-time insights into the machine’s performance. For Jessica, the most important feature of the VisionLink system is the planned maintenance alerts that provide her with a 50-hour advance notice, enabling her to efficiently manage maintenance tasks and ensure smooth operations. Overall, Jessica’s comments highlight the value of the Cat VisionLink telematics system in enhancing machine performance and maintenance management.

Carlota has developed a strong relationship with the dealer, Empire Cat, who supplied the Cat 6015B. Empire Cat has been incredibly supportive in terms of maintenance and training. Jessica, who serves as Carlota’s main contact with Empire Cat, mentions they have always been responsive and helpful, especially when it comes to services. In fact, George McKeon, who Carlota considers their go-to person at Empire Cat, is the first call they make when they encounter any issues they can’t solve on their own. Jessica also states that Carlota has faced few problems with their Cat equipment, with only some O-rings having to be replaced. In addition to maintenance, Empire Cat has also been a dependable source for parts and ground engaging tools (G.E.T.), ensuring that Carlota’s operations run smoothly and efficiently. Overall, the relationship between Carlota and Empire Cat is built on trust, reliability, and excellent customer service.

The initial expectation for the mine was a 7-year lifespan – that has now stretched to 16 years. Jessica notes that the people at the mine are versatile and willing to step into various roles as needed, often wearing multiple hats to get the job done. She describes the workforce as a close-knit family, where everyone is willing to help and support each other. Safety is also a top priority, with a positive safety culture that is ingrained in the mine’s operations. Richard shares Jessica’s sentiment and believes that the mine’s success is largely due to the genuine care and dedication shown by the majority of the employees. For them, it’s not just a job, but a sense of responsibility towards the operation and their fellow colleagues. 

Rieger Entsorgungs GmbH, operate from four locations throughout Austria and Germany and are currently in the process of upgrading their fleet of material handling machines.

Rieger Entsorgungs GmbH can look back on a long and successful history, that has set them apart from many of their competitors since their foundation. The company was founded in 1925 by Georg and Katharina Rieger with a small carriage business. Initially, the family business started with a coal and fuel oil business. Over the years, the company specialised in waste disposal and recycling. Their industry leading desire was confirmed in 1988 with the commissioning of the first waste sorting plant in Austria before gaining ISO 9002 and ISO 9001 certifications. Since 2007, Johann Rieger Jr. has been running the recycling company with more than 150 employees, over 1,000 containers and in excess of 100 trucks, as well as a fleet of machines specialised in material handling.

At the Linz facility, more than 50,000 tonnes of material are handled on an annual basis, most of which comes from within a 50 km radius. The versatile range of materials includes everything from household waste, commercial, construction, and industrial wastes. The material is sorted, processed and segregated before it is loaded for disposal or onward recycling.

For the renewal of the material handler fleet, the company examined all options on the market. Gerhard Pirchner, Ascendum sales representative, has been supporting Rieger Entsorgungs GmbH in matters of construction machinery for several years. Ascendum and Rieger look back on decades of cooperation. As Ascendum has been able to successfully place a large number of SENNEBOGEN material handlers on the Austrian market in recent years, it was only natural that Gerhard Pirchner should enable the recycling company to test the SENNEBOGEN 822 of the new G series. Site Manager Helmut Vorwagner explains: “We knew of the good Ascendum service, but we wanted to test whether SENNEBOGEN met our requirements. Gerhard Pirchner organised a new 822 G material handler with 10m reach and a 450-litre selector grab for us to try out for a week. We tried it and liked it so much; we wouldn’t let him take it away again!”

The 822 G is one of the latest updates in the SENNEBOGEN range of material handlers to have been upgraded to a G denomination. As the successor to the 818 E, the new model represents the machine’s actual operating weight more accurately yet also includes a host of updates to enhance operator comfort, production and lower the machine’s environmental impact through lower fuel usage.

With an operating weight between 22 and 24 tonnes, the 822 G still uses the same heavy-duty undercarriage as its predecessor. From the axles through to the slew ring, the entire undercarriage of the material handler has been designed to be robust, manoeuvrable, and easily maintained whilst still allowing the machine to remain stable under heavy working conditions. The sturdy, galvanised steps and handrails to both the sides and ends of the chassis provide the operator a safe and easy climb up onto the upper structure of the machine. The long-lasting theme of galvanised handrails is carried on to the access route to the top of the upper structure and around the top of it with the standard boxing ring rails.

Both sides of the upper structure feature large, gull-wing style canopies covering the components within. The offside of the machine’s upper structure contains the cooling pack followed by the new 3.8 litre Cummins Tier V engine whilst tucked behind the cab riser is the auto greasing system, electrical fuse board, AdBlue and diesel tanks. The layout of the components provides easy access for daily checks and topping up fluids with the canopy providing some shelter from the elements when it comes to service time. The reduction in cubic capacity of the engine has enabled the SENNEBOGEN to reduce its fuel consumption yet still retaining the smooth power delivery operators are accustomed to. 

The new elevating Maxcab III has been increase in size to allow a wider heated and air-cooled operator seat. SENNEBOGEN further increased the comfort in the cabin by introducing new electric joysticks and removing the need for any hydraulic connections within the space. The memory-based operator profiles allow the machine to be optimally adjusted to the individual needs of the operator. The new controls are said to reduce operator fatigue and can be individually configurable from within the machine’s touch screen. A new push-button dashboard with easy-to-read symbols brings the day-to-day functions to hand whilst the removal of the B-pillar offer huge advantages in forward vision and allows the operator almost perfect vision when loading high-sided vehicles.

The new 822 G has been warmly welcomed at Rieger with regular operator Bashkim Holili saying that the improvements in the cab have made his working day a lot easier. Whilst the recycling of wood products plays a pivotal role at the Linz depot, Bashkim is also tasked with handling a variety of other materials tipped at the site. Large quantities of construction materials are delivered on a weekly basis. Once the material is sorted and segregated, it is loaded into bulk trailers for delivery to a variety of recycling plants around the country. Whilst bulk bins are dropped to the ground to allow wood to be squashed down to increase the volumes carries, loading tyres and rubber gaskets into a high-sided tipper means Bashkim utilises the SENNEBOGEN’s high lift cab to the full. “It makes it so much easier and safer for me to load the vehicle. I can easily see where there is additional room to place material and ensure I can fill it to the full capacity every time. The precision from the new levers helps when I have to prise material apart, it gives me much more control compared to my last machine.”

The 822 G is the first arrival from SENNEBOGEN’s Green Line range of material handlers into the Rieger fleet and will remain working with the company for up to 10 years. “We wanted a machine that would allow us a long and productive working life.” Johann Rieger comments: “We see the SENNEBOGEN as the ideal machine to give us this.”

LEBANON, Ohio (September 19, 2023) — Fecon LLC, a leading global manufacturer of heavy-duty site preparation attachments and forestry accessories, prepares to showcase new products at The Utility Expo September 26-28 in Louisville, Kentucky. Fecon will showcase its BK6218 62-inch BlackhawkÔ skid steer mulching attachment paired with Fecon’s brand-new telematics platform, Fusion. The RK6015P — one of three new PTO mulchers — will also premiere at The Utility Expo. In addition, Fecon will debut products from a new acquisition, the TrimEx tree trimming saw attachments. Fecon will feature this equipment for land clearing and maintaining utility right-of-way solutions at booth #E910.

“Our lineup of innovative products reflects just how busy we’ve been this year,” said Jeff Stanley, Fecon’s senior vice president of product development. “We’re excited to show our customers that we’re listening to their feedback and are introducing a great array of new solutions tailored to their needs.” 

Fusion is Fecon’s cutting-edge, intelligent control technology that uses state-of-the-art features such as automatic machine calibration, location services and performance tracking to improve mulching performance and productivity. An industry game-changer, Fusion enables customers to optimize the performance of the head on any compatible carrier with a Plug n’ Play design that calibrates the head to the machine at each start up and throughout the day’s operation. The ongoing data analysis empowers customers to make real time data-driven decisions to enhance efficiency and profitability. 

Fecon’s PTO mulcher will also join the trade show line-up, the first of three PTO mulchers designed for tractors in the 50 to 110 horsepower range. This series of mulchers helps landowners leverage their own equipment for land clearing under utility lines or for energy industry projects, saving time and money. The RK6015P is the mid-size model with a 60-inch working width, featuring a 15-inch rotor and attaches to 50 to 90 horsepower tractors.

Additional Fecon products used in the maintenance of roadsides, power lines and utility installations include the TrimEx series of tree saws (trimmers). The TrimEx 26D, 26S and 18C, designed to fit small to midsize skid steers, compact track loaders and tractors, offer the ability to quickly trim a high volume of trees at elevations from 18 to 26 feet. Each model features a high-speed saw, rotating head and telescoping boom to allow the operator to make continuous, clean cuts from one machine position for faster, more efficient clearance.

Another new product at the trade show will be Fecon’s Disc Hawk forestry attachment, which launched earlier this year. Rounding out the lineup will be the FTX150-2 mulching tractor with the Bull Hogâ 85SS high flow skid steer mulching attachment, the FMX28 and FMX36 excavator mulching heads, the roof-mounted hydraulic cooler accessory and the compact STUMPEX stump grinder attachment. 

To learn more about Fecon’s Fusion and other mulching and vegetation management, visit

About Fecon LLC

Established in 1992 near Cincinnati, Fecon manufactures the Bull Hog®, the #1 selling forestry mulcher. The company also manufactures tracked carriers and tractors, as well as a full range of heavy-duty site-preparation attachments and other equipment for vegetation management. Its products are sold through equipment dealers and distributors worldwide. For more information: Fecon LLC, 3460 Grant Drive, Lebanon, OH 45036; contact Courtney Haag at 513-696-4430, via email at, or visit

DEVELON, formerly Doosan Construction Equipment, has completed the launch of the 19 models listed below as part of the company’s latest generation ‘DX-7M’ range of tracked excavators from 2 to 53 tonne for Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets worldwide. The new excavators are designed for a wide range of markets from construction, rental, recycling, waste processing and utilities to mining and quarrying.        

– DX27Z-7M and DX35Z-7M 2-3 t Mini-Excavators 

– DX200A-7M, DX210-7M, DX220LC-7M and DX220AF-7M 20-22 t Crawler Excavators 

– DX225LC-7M and DX225LCA-7M 22 t Crawler Excavators

– DX300LC-7M, DX300LCA-7M, DX360LC-7M and DX360LCA-7M 31-37 t Crawler Excavators 

– DX400LC-7M, DX450LC-7M and DX450LCA-7M 41-45 t Crawler Excavators

– DX490LC-7M, DX490LCA-7M, DX530LC-7M and DX530LCA-7M 49-53 t Crawler Excavators

From the smallest model in the range, the DX27Z-7M 2.8 tonne mini-excavator, to the largest, the DX530LC(A)-7Mexcavators, the ‘DX-7M’ models all offer significantly improved performance compared to the previous generation machines. This is due to many enhancements including more powerful engines and new higher flow hydraulic systems. 

Virtual Bleed Off (VBO) System

The DX200A-7M 20 t excavator and all the larger excavators from the DX300LC(A)-7M upwards incorporate Develon’s Virtual Bleed Off (VBO) cutting-edge technology. The VBO system utilises an electronic pressure-controlled pump within a closed centre hydraulic system for productivity increases of up to 17% and fuel efficiency improvements of up to 32%, depending on the model and the mode selected. The closed centred main control valve minimises pressure loss, while the electronic pressure-controlled pump manages and optimises engine power more effectively. 

Improved feedback to the operator through the joystick results in enhanced machine control and less operator fatigue. The acceleration and deceleration of the excavator workgroup functions are smoother, allowing operators to perform repetitive swinging and digging motions with less jerking movements.

Another feature of most of the models from 20 t and above that contributes to decreased fuel consumption is the advanced Smart Power Control (SPC) system from Develon. The SPC system controls engine RPM automatically to supply the appropriate torque depending on workload and speed, to ensure the best fuel efficiency. 

New High Comfort Cabs 

The completely redesigned cabs on the DX-7M excavators provide maximum comfort and total control of all aspects of the equipment. Several ventilation and air conditioning options are offered to meet any additional needs. 

Enhanced safety is also ensured by the seat-belt warning alarm system and the AVM (Around View Monitor) system, which is designed to prevent accidents caused by blind spots.

Other comfort aspects of the new cabs include:

  • New interior with a dark grey base for a modern look
  • Upgraded heating and ventilation functions for operator
  • 8-inch touchscreen monitor for intuitive operation
  • DAB audio (hands free, Bluetooth)
  • Choice of fabric seat with heating function or leather seat 
  • Multipurpose cup holder and storage available
  • Ergonomic footrest (reduced ankle fatigue)
  • LED cab lights
  • Rear sun visor

Increased Reinforcement 

The DX200A-7M and DX220AF-7M models have additional reinforcement for exceptional off-road performance. Every key component meets Develon’s global standards. In the DX200A-7M, the hydraulic components and the engine tank have been strengthened and the robust frames and structures are designed to stand up to the rigours of tough workplaces. Similarly, the DX220AF-7M is fully armoured from top to bottom to help maximize uptime on all types of extreme terrain, including forestry work.

DEVELON Fleet Management

Another important feature of the new generation DEVELON excavator range is the installation as standard of the latest version 3.0 of the DEVELON Fleet Management system, which provides a telematics management system, by collecting data from sensors on the machines. In fact, the DX27Z-7M mini-excavator is now the smallest model in the DEVELON range with the successful DEVELON Fleet Management system.

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