Monster Truck racing has become even more exciting with the arrival of the JCB DIGatron. Nick Johnson reports

The iconic JCB brand has been given a big boost by the arrival of a new JCB monster truck called DIGatron at events run by the American organisation Monster Jam. Inspired by the legendary JCB backhoe loader, DIGatron made its European debut last month in front of a large crowd at the London Stadium in Stratford.

JCB has partnered with Monster Jam and the company’s equipment is now being used to create the special monster racing circuits when they are installed at famous stadiums around the world. Two distinctive DIGatron trucks – each inspired by the legendary JCB backhoe loader – have been produced to the standard Monster Jam specification with one based in America and the other in Europe.

The instigator of the DIGatron project has been eight year old Otis Bamford – the grandson of JCB Chairman Lord Bamford. He was inspired by a model monster truck and his enthusiasm spread to his mother Alice and then on to Lord Bamford. 

The JCB Industrial Design team lead by Ben Watson worked with Monster Jam engineers to produce the DIGatron. It weighs 5,443kg and is approximately 3.2m high, 3.8m wide and 5.2 long.

Power is supplied by a 1,100kW (1,500hp) purpose built, methanol-fuelled and supercharged Monster Jam engine. Complete with nitrogen-charged shock absorbers, the truck rides on four specially designed BKT tyres that are each 1.7m tall by 1.1m wide and are inflated to an optimal tyre pressure of 23psi.

The driver of DIGatron, which has a ‘symbolic’ loader at the front and a backhoe arm at the rear, is Tristan England from Paris, Texas. He first arrived in Monster Jam working on his dad’s truck, Big Kahuna.

Tristan England attended the Monster Jam University and subsequently won his first tour championship in 2018. Now he is the 2023 Monster Jam World Finals Racing champion.

JCB is now the official heavy equipment partner of Monster Jam and a number of its excavators, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders and compact tracked loaders were used to create the dirt track with all its exciting jumps at the London Stadium. A JCB Fastrac 8330 iCON high speed tractor with a towed LGP2000 Major water bowser from TRU Plant was used during the event for dust suppression.

As well as the monster trucks, the big audience at the London Monster Jam also saw a display of the famous JCB Dancing Diggers. This show utilised not only four 3CX backhoe loaders but also two 531-70 Loadall telehandlers and two 270T compact tracked loaders.

There were three separate heats in the London Stadium for the drivers of the DIGatron, Grave Digger, Megalodon, Black Panther, The Amazing Spider-Man, El Toro Loco, Iron Man and Thor monster trucks. Tristan England in DIGatron won the Racing and Skills heats. But during the final Freestyle heat DIGatron, like several other trucks in the competition, toppled onto its side.

Tristan England was unhurt and subsequent righting of DIGatron saw more conventional JCB kit in action. This was because the event’s recovery squad utilised one of their two JCB wheel loaders – a 437 and a 457 – each equipped with special lifting arms.

The London Stadum Monster Jam event saw the start of a special long-term partnership between JCB and the musician Joe Walsh’s charity VetsAid (which helps American military veterans). His song “Dig It” (with brother-in-law Ringo Starr on drums) was played loudly as the JCB DIGatron dramatically entered the arena in Stratford for the first time.

Volvo CE is reporting a dip in net sales for Q2 this year – driven by the downturn in the industry – while still delivering on its transformation ambitions with its biggest product launches in years.


Volvo CE has continued to bring industry transformation in the second quarter of 2024 while demand in many markets has slowed, particularly compared with the high levels reported from the same period last year. Earnings have been impacted by lower volumes in Europe and North America. However, order intake in Asia has increased by one fifth, largely driven by the China market, leading to a global growth of 9%.

In Q2, 2024, net sales amounted to SEK 24,423 M (28,999). Adjusted for currency movements this represents a decrease in net sales of 16%, of which net sales of machines dropped by 19% while service sales increased by 2% – once again demonstrating the increasing market value of service solutions to ensure customer productivity during tougher times. Both adjusted and reported operating income amounted to SEK 3,888 M (5,353), corresponding to an operating margin of 15.9% (18.5).

During the quarter, net order intake increased by 9%, mainly prompted by an increase in orders in China when compared to the slowdown in that region in 2023, but also by North America, as orders were restricted last year due to supply chain inefficiencies. Deliveries in Q2 this year were below 2023, caused

by lower market demand in Europe and North America.

Driving the transformation

In June during its flagship Volvo Days event, Volvo CE unveiled its biggest product renewal in the company’s history. It involved both conventional machines, such as the launch of a new generation of state-of-the-art excavators and two new rigid haulers, the R60 and R70 stage V for regulated markets, as well as zero-exhaust emission solutions, most notably an expansion of the mid-size range with the L90 Electric and L120 Electric wheel loaders, as well as the EWR150 Electric, Volvo’s first electric wheeled excavator. Scheduled for stepwise introductions over the next 12 months, they represent the next step on the company’s transformation journey. The same quarter, Volvo CE inaugurated its expanded facilities in Braås, Sweden, in its work to move towards more sustainable power sources for its articulated haulers.

Melker Jernberg, President of Volvo CE, says: “We continue to drive innovation and investments to remain at the forefront of the transformation to more sustainable solutions for the benefit of our customers, shareholders and society at large. It is a testament to our commitment to perform and transform that we are able to ensure profitability during challenging times while still setting the course for construction innovation.”

Market development

Compared to the historically high levels of 2023, there has been an overall market decline, particularly in Europe where weakening business confidence has had an effect, and also in North America, largely due to a normalization in the replenishment of dealer fleets and lower end-customer demand.

In South America however, the market grew driven by strong demand in Brazil and Peru. China also showed good signs of recovery from last year, supported by recently announced government policies to stimulate the real estate market. Meanwhile Asia, outside China, reported a slight slowdown, caused mostly by lower commodity prices in Indonesia, despite an increase in demand in regions including India and the Middle East.

Table 1. Volvo Construction Equipment, net sales by market area, in Millions of Swedish Krona (SEK).

Net sales by market area    Second quarter     First six months

SEK M2024202320242023
North America6,9618,12313,38614,660
South America1,0241,1051,7841,864
Africa & Oceania1,7222,3153,3124,421

industry landscape

Efficiently managing and processing waste from businesses and private customers is not just about recycling. For REWAG Entsorgung AG, it’s about maximizing the efficiency of all on-site systems, including the machinery they operate across their three Switzerland locations. This is where SENNEBOGEN’s material handlers play a crucial role.

Operating in three locations on the outskirts of Basel, REWAG Entsorgung AG processes thousands of tonnes of waste each year, from household rubbish to commercial construction and demolition debris. Their advanced processing systems are designed to handle a wide range of materials efficiently.

Environmentally Friendly Operations with SENNEBOGEN

REWAG Entsorgung AG’s disposal processes prioritize environmental friendliness. Most waste is manually sorted using specialized operators and material handlers, leading to a high recyclability rate. Their optimized systems, combined with highly efficient machinery, enhance their overall operation’s sustainability. The team at REWAG relies on SENNEBOGEN machines to maintain their competitive edge.

High-Rate Recycling with SENNEBOGEN

Founded in 1996, REWAG Entsorgung AG operates sites in Munichstein, Sissach, and Kaiseraugst, all within a 30km radius of Basel. The primary site at Kaiseraugst is home to 24 employees, including five machine operators who work to separate materials from both private and commercial waste for recycling.

Three SENNEBOGEN machines play pivotal roles in the site’s sorting process:

  • SENNEBOGEN 817 E: The smallest material handler on-site, with a reach of up to nine meters and an operating weight of up to 18.6 tonnes, serves as a mobile machine.
  • SENNEBOGEN 821 E (Electric): Used as a stationary machine, it has a reach of nine to 13 meters and an operating weight between 23.9 and 25.1 tonnes.
  • SENNEBOGEN 821 (Mobile): Another model operating as a mobile material handler within the system.

The size of REWAG’s fleet is typical for the recycling business, which needs to focus on efficiency to deliver environmentally friendly disposal at fair prices. When their mobile 821 reached 14,000 operating hours, the new SENNEBOGEN 824 G was the natural replacement.

Max Performance Machines

The efficiency-focused features of the SENNEBOGEN 824 G appealed to the REWAG team. With a reach of 12 meters and an operating weight of up to 26.3 tonnes, it boasts SENNEBOGEN’s modular design, allowing each machine to be adapted to specific material handling needs.

The model offers a range of attachments, including an orange peel grab, clamshell grab, magnet, and sorting grab. REWAG’s new 824 G model came with a ULM deflection mechanism. Various undercarriage options are available, such as different pylon heights and wheeled, track, or pedestal designs.

Environmentally Focused Features

As an environmentally-focused business, the energy efficiency of SENNEBOGEN machines was a significant benefit. The efficient diesel engine features an automatic idle system to reduce fuel consumption, while optimized hydraulics maximize energy use. In-cab SENCON control systems allow operators to manage energy consumption closely, and Stage V exhaust systems further enhance the machine’s green credentials.

Operator Comfort and Efficiency

SENNEBOGEN’s design maximizes operator productivity with ergonomic seats, quality climate control, and spacious MaxCab cabins. Pascal Graff, the primary operator for the new machine, appreciates the MaxCab’s comfort and the enhanced visibility provided by the continuous windshield, which helps maintain safety on-site.

Simplified Maintenance

The straightforward servicing processes of SENNEBOGEN machines are a significant advantage. Centralized components and easily accessible service points simplify maintenance tasks. The SENCON and SENTRACK technology enables round-the-clock condition monitoring, allowing operations managers to plan repairs and servicing more effectively.


The combination of operator-first design and excellent customer service has made SENNEBOGEN machines the top choice for REWAG Entsorgung AG. As Pascal Graff highlights, the optimized features of the SENNEBOGEN G-series, along with the support from Kuhn Switzerland and SENNEBOGEN, have significantly benefited their operations.

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As a premier supplier of ready-mix concrete and aggregates in Texas, Yarrington Road Materials is always on the lookout for new opportunities. To support their ambitious projects, they rely on top-tier construction and mining equipment. Their trusted partner, Crushing Tigers, provides the necessary machinery to keep Yarrington Road ahead of the competition.

Pioneering Construction Solutions in Austin and San Antonio

Serving the construction industries of Austin and San Antonio since 1999, Yarrington Road Materials has grown into one of Texas’s largest suppliers of sand, concrete, and rock. Their commitment to quality and growth is mirrored in their strategic partnerships, particularly with Crushing Tigers. This Austin-based distributor has been providing high-performance aggregate machinery, sales, rentals, and services since 2011.

The Perfect Equipment for Concrete Recycling

When Yarrington Road Materials embarked on a new concrete recycling project at San Marcos Airport, they turned to Crushing Tigers for the ideal solution. As a dealer for the renowned hydraulic attachment brand Rammer, Crushing Tigers supplied the Rammer RPV40S pulverising attachment, perfect for the task at hand.

Tackling Tough Demolition Projects

Crushing Tigers’ Territory Manager for East and South Texas, John O’Dwyer, collaborated with Yarrington Road to find a solution for processing concrete from demolished buildings. The challenge was to remove number three and four rebar and crush the concrete into manageable sizes. The Rammer RPV40S attachment was the optimal choice.

John explains, “The product arrives in boulders and needs to be broken into four or five-foot chunks, then crushed into 20 to 25-inch pieces to feed into the crusher.” This process produces various aggregates, including ⅜ inch minus, 57 stone, and road base, repurposing materials efficiently.

Why the Rammer RPV40S Stands Out

The Rammer RPV40S attachment, used with a John Deere 470 P-Tier Excavator, is designed for maximum efficiency. Capable of working on machines weighing 35 tonnes and up, the jaw can open more than a meter wide, with a cutting force of up to 3840 kN and a maximum crushing force of 1980 kN. This makes it ideal for breaking down large blocks of material on site.

The internal cutter can handle rebar up to 65mm in diameter, allowing all processing to be done with a single piece of equipment. Manufactured from HB400 steel, the attachment is durable and hardwearing, ensuring smooth operation throughout the day.

Enhancing Efficiency and Reducing Downtime

The field-replaceable cutter blades, pulverising plates, and loading teeth make maintenance straightforward, increasing uptime. With a speed valve achieving nearly nine cycles per minute at maximum oil flow, the Rammer RPV40S ensures productivity remains high. The John Deere excavator’s SmartGrade technology further boosts efficiency by helping operators achieve accurate final material grades.

Opening New Avenues for Growth

For Yarrington Road Materials, the Rammer RPV40S has been a game-changer. Samuel Zavala, Operations Manager, notes, “The Rammer pulveriser is efficient and easy to use. It processes concrete quickly, improving overall production.” By breaking down material and removing rebar before further processing, the demands on existing equipment are reduced, decreasing downtime and wear on crushers and screeners.

Conclusion: Paving the Way for Future Success

The integration of the Rammer RPV40S has opened new opportunities for Yarrington Road Materials, allowing them to recycle demolition material and significantly enhance their business operations. As John from Crushing Tigers states, “This equipment has given Yarrington Road an advantage in this line of work, opening up a whole new avenue for them.”

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For more information about the Rammer RPV40S and other advanced construction machinery, visit Rammer and Crushing Tigers.

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Since its inception nearly nine years ago, National Tracked Dumper Hire Ltd (NTD) has become a dominant force in the UK’s construction and heavy equipment industry. Through continuous investment, NTD boasts one of the most extensive ranges of tracked dumpers available for hire across the UK.

Pioneering the UK Market with Modern Tracked Dumpers

NTD has been pivotal in reintroducing modern 360˚ rotating tracked dumpers to the UK market. Recently, NTD expanded its fleet with two new 25-tonne Morooka MST-4000VDRs, the largest in the manufacturer’s range and the first of their kind in the UK. These dumpers, capable of a 20,000kg payload, are unmatched in their class. Powered by a Stage V Caterpillar 9.3B engine producing 420HP, the MST-4000VDR offers exceptional performance on demanding job sites.

Exceptional Performance and Environmental Sensitivity

Equipped with 850mm wide rubber tracks, the MST-4000VDR exerts just 11.8 psi of ground pressure when fully loaded, minimizing environmental impact. For context, an average human exerts 16 psi. This low ground pressure allows the MST-4000VDR to perform effectively in challenging conditions without causing significant ground damage.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

One Morooka MST-4000VDR can replace two smaller dumpers, requiring only one operator, thus reducing fuel consumption, emissions, and transport costs. “These are the largest rotating tracked dumpers globally, and we are the first in the UK to offer this model,” says Jim Booth from NTD, which operates from six locations nationwide.

Advanced Safety Features

The Morooka MST-4000VDR comes with a high level of standard safety features, including a factory-fitted 360-degree camera system. NTD has further enhanced safety with HFR (Human Form Recognition) visibility aid systems, providing operators with an additional layer of safety through ‘third eye’ alerts. Moreover, conventional mirrors have been replaced with dual camera monitors, improving visibility and eliminating blind spots.

Partnership with Cautrac

These advanced Morooka dumpers were acquired from Cautrac, the exclusive importer and distributor for Morooka in the UK and Ireland. Over the years, Morooka has significantly improved operator comfort and visibility with ROPS cabins and joystick controls, enhancing the overall operating experience.

Field Testing on Major Projects

After a recent visit to the Morooka factory in Japan, NTD Directors Richard Maclean and Jim Booth, along with Cautrac’s Managing Director Craig Taylor, quickly saw the value in adding the MST-4000VDRs to their fleet. These dumpers were immediately deployed on Gloucestershire’s £460 million A417 ‘Missing Link’ upgrade, where they have proven their capability in demanding conditions.

Nigel Weaver, Kier Works Manager for the A417 scheme, highlights the dumpers’ benefits: “These dumpers have been a godsend. Their low ground pressure and 360-degree rotation make them ideal for confined sites and environmentally sensitive areas, significantly reducing site damage and reinstatement costs.”

Innovative Design and Efficiency

Powered by a Cat C9.3B Stage V engine, the MST-4000VDR features high-strength Bridgestone rubber tracks and a reinforced undercarriage for exceptional stability and durability. The ROPS/FOPS cab offers greater comfort and safety, with an electric control travel lever for intuitive operation. Eco mode and the “Auto Decel” function further enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Morooka has also made daily maintenance easier with efficient inspection arrangements and a front grille with a large opening for accessibility.

Growing Fleet and Nationwide Support

Since 2015, NTD’s fleet has grown substantially. With over 50 units, including the new MST-4000VDRs, NTD provides the UK’s most comprehensive tracked dumper depot network and field service team, ensuring top-tier support for customers nationwide.

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Mark Royse, Head of Sales at Mecalac Construction Equipment UK, delves into the evolving regulatory landscape of the highways sector and highlights why construction equipment manufacturers are heavily investing in cutting-edge product development to set new benchmarks in safety, efficiency, and productivity.

The Impact of Regulatory Changes on Construction Equipment

The highways sector is undergoing rapid transformation due to regulatory changes aimed at reducing tailpipe emissions, enhancing technology deployment, and redefining safety-critical product standards. These legislative shifts are catalyzing innovation across the construction and heavy equipment industry.

Starting in Spring 2025, UK regulations mandate that all site dumpers used on highways, with an unladen weight exceeding 4.5 tonnes, must be equipped with production-fitted cabs meeting ROPS and FOPS ISO 3471 and 3449 standards. This significant change has prompted manufacturers to advance their offerings to ensure compliance.

Mecalac’s Commitment to Innovation

Mecalac is at the forefront of this evolution, investing significantly to support the industry by swiftly adapting to new requirements and collaborating closely with businesses to develop pioneering solutions. The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its expanding portfolio of future-proof equipment designed to enhance safety, visibility, and productivity.

Over the past 18 months, Mecalac has introduced several groundbreaking products. These innovations are designed with a focus on operational ease, safety, and sustainability, addressing the industry’s need to increase efficiency and productivity.

Revolutionizing Material Transport with REVOTRUCK

A prime example of Mecalac’s innovative approach is the next-generation REVOTRUCK. This revolutionary compact equipment combines a revolving cabbed dumper with off-road trucking capabilities, making material transport smarter and safer. The unique chassis and central oscillation allow operators to safely receive loads and rotate the cab to face the direction of travel, ensuring unobstructed visibility.

The nine-tonne REVOTRUCK is powered by a Stage V-compliant 74hp Perkins turbocharged engine, featuring a DOC and DPF as standard to minimize environmental impact. Its state-of-the-art in-cab technology offers unrestricted access to all corners of the cab, enhancing operator efficiency and safety. With three steering modes and the tightest turning radius on the market, REVOTRUCK is ideal for tight job sites, blending the best of both dump trucks and site dumpers.

Pioneering Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

In addition to safety-critical products like REVOTRUCK, Mecalac is dedicated to developing eco-friendly solutions. The company recently launched the first zero-emissions range of medium-sized compact equipment, including the 11-tonne e12 excavator, the 1,000-litre es1000 swing loader, and a six-tonne electric site dumper. These models, designed by Mecalac’s experienced engineering team, showcase the viability of electric compact equipment for diverse applications.

Looking Ahead

As the construction equipment industry navigates rapid regulatory changes and unique challenges, the potential for future growth and innovation is substantial. Investing in the latest equipment technology allows construction professionals to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety, effectively addressing industry concerns.

Mecalac’s latest product innovations are developed to meet these evolving requirements, providing class-leading solutions for the construction sector. For more information about Mecalac and their range of compact construction equipment, visit Mecalac.

July 1, 2024 – Komatsu, a global leader in construction and mining equipment, has successfully completed its acquisition of GHH Group GmbH (GHH), a renowned manufacturer specializing in underground mining, tunnelling, and special civil engineering equipment, headquartered in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

This strategic acquisition bolsters Komatsu’s portfolio of underground mining solutions, particularly focusing on loaders (LHDs) and articulated dump trucks. The integration of GHH’s robust product range will significantly enhance Komatsu’s offerings, including comprehensive aftermarket parts and lifetime service support for its equipment.

Peter Salditt, President of Komatsu’s Mining Business Division, stated, “The talented GHH staff are now part of Komatsu, and our new combined team will collaborate to expand our offerings and increase customer access to products in new territories. We are excited to start adding value to our customers’ operations.”

Komatsu’s commitment to expanding its underground mining solutions for global customers is evident with the addition of GHH’s factories and rebuild facilities in strategic markets such as Europe, Southern Africa, India, and Chile. This acquisition aims to reinforce production and service capabilities, providing superior support to customers.

With this strategic investment in cutting-edge products, solutions, and skilled personnel, Komatsu is poised to further solidify its leadership in the underground mining sector, supporting both new and existing customer operations worldwide.

About Komatsu Komatsu develops and supplies advanced technologies, equipment, and services for the construction, mining, forklift, industrial, and forestry markets. For over a century, Komatsu has been at the forefront of innovation, creating value for its customers through technological advancements and strategic partnerships. The company’s solutions are integral to modern infrastructure development, mineral extraction, forest management, and the creation of consumer products. Komatsu’s global service and distributor networks are dedicated to enhancing safety, productivity, and performance optimization in frontline industries.

For more information about Komatsu and its comprehensive range of products and services, visit Komatsu’s official website.

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AG Wilson Civil Engineering, a distinguished family-owned contractor based in Co Armagh, Ireland, has recently bolstered its machinery lineup with the addition of three new 24-tonne SANY excavators. This significant acquisition, supplied by SANY’s Irish dealer, Sleator Plant, underscores AG Wilson’s ongoing commitment to integrating high-performance equipment into their operations.

The new excavators will complement AG Wilson’s existing fleet of SANY machinery, which already includes five 8-tonne SY80U excavators, a 16-tonne compact wheeled excavator, and two 16-tonne SY155U units. This latest investment marks another milestone in the strong relationship between AG Wilson and Sleator Plant, a partnership that began with their first SANY excavator purchase in December 2021.

Aaron McCaul, General Manager at Sleator Plant, expressed his enthusiasm about the continued collaboration: “We’re delighted that the team at AG Wilson has decided to further invest in SANY equipment. The impressive specifications of the machines, combined with a 5-year warranty, make SANY an excellent choice for their business. AG Wilson’s trust in our team also played a crucial role in their decision to place a large multi-unit order.”

Since its inception in 1979, AG Wilson Civil Engineering has built a reputation for delivering comprehensive civil engineering services to both private and public sectors across the UK and Ireland. Their 40-year history is marked by technical expertise, a dedicated workforce, and a commitment to integrity on every project.

The new SANY SY215C excavators are set to be deployed immediately on a pipeline project in Scotland. Looking ahead, AG Wilson plans to further expand their fleet with the addition of a 40-tonne SY390H excavator and two SY75C machines, bringing their total number of SANY units to 16.

For more information on SANY UK and its range of construction machinery, visit SANY UK.

For more details about AG Wilson Civil Engineering, visit AG Wilson Civil Engineering.

Image Caption: Richard Chambers, Director (left), and Derek Wilson, Director (right).

About SANY

Founded in 1989, SANY Group began as a small welding supply company and has since grown into a global leader in construction and industrial equipment, with a presence in 140 countries. SANY’s product range includes construction machinery, renewable energy solutions, and heavy-duty mining equipment. In 2020, SANY achieved the number one global sales position for excavators, with 98,705 units sold, accounting for 15% of the global market. SANY continues to innovate and expand, with manufacturing and R&D facilities in India, Brazil, Germany, and the USA.

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In an impressive move at the Hillhead 2024 Show, Thwaites Ltd announced its commitment to the CESAR security and registration scheme, powered by Datatag ID Ltd. This strategic decision is set to fortify the protection of Thwaites dumpers, deterring theft and enhancing recovery prospects.

The CESAR scheme, endorsed by the Construction Equipment Association (CEA), is the UK’s premier security initiative recognized by the Metropolitan Police and the UK Home Office. With 24/7 monitoring, the scheme significantly increases the chances of recovering stolen equipment, offering a robust defense against criminal activities in the construction and mining sectors.

Andrew Sabin, General Sales Manager at Thwaites, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to join the CESAR Scheme. At Thwaites, safeguarding our brand, distributors, and loyal operators is paramount.” Sabin emphasized the added benefits of reducing ownership costs through lowered insurance premiums and enhanced equipment residual values.

Viki Bell, Director of Operations at the CEA, lauded Thwaites’ decision, highlighting the industry’s growing trust in the CESAR Scheme’s effectiveness. “Thwaites’ commitment underscores the critical role of CESAR in protecting valuable machinery and combating theft,” Bell remarked.

Kevin Howells, CEO of Datatag ID Ltd, echoed these sentiments, welcoming Thwaites to the CESAR Scheme. “Thwaites’ adoption of CESAR is a testament to their dedication to security and our advanced forensic identification technologies,” Howells said.

For those interested in Thwaites dumpers, they are available through a comprehensive UK network of distributors. More information can be found on the Thwaites website.

HD Hyundai Construction Equipment made a significant impact at the Hillhead 2024 quarry exhibition with the introduction of two powerful crawler excavator models and its largest wheel loader to date. On June 25, attendees gathered to witness the unveiling of the new HX1000A L and the HL985A in person, underscoring HD Hyundai’s commitment to innovation in the heavy equipment sector.

HD Hyundai has introduced its largest Stage V crawler excavators: the 80-tonne HX800A L and the 100-tonne HX1000A L. Engineered for peak performance in mines, quarries, and large-scale construction projects, these heavy-duty machines ensure maximum productivity while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

Powered by robust Perkins diesel engines, these excavators deliver unparalleled power and fuel efficiency. The HX800A L features the Perkins 2506J engine, generating 400kW (539hp) and 2,468Nm of torque. The HX1000A L is equipped with the Perkins 2806J engine, offering 460kW (629hp) and 2,952Nm of torque. An advanced electronic hydraulic power control system enhances digging efficiency and minimizes fuel consumption, utilizing nine sensors to optimize pump output and flow.

The HX800A L supports 4.25-5.24m³ buckets, while the HX1000A L accommodates 5.4-6.8m³ buckets, making them versatile for various excavation tasks. Both models offer short mass excavation and longer monoboom options, with hydraulic systems designed for precision and efficiency.

Operator-Focused Design

The operator cab of the HX800A L and HX1000A L is designed for comfort and safety, featuring level 2 FOPS protection and advanced vibration damping mounts. Equipped with HD Hyundai’s All-Around View Monitoring (AVM) camera system, operators enjoy a 360° view, enhancing operational safety. The 8” touchscreen monitor provides easy access to control menus, power settings, and auxiliary hydraulic settings, ensuring optimal machine performance.

For more details on these new models, visit the HD Hyundai Construction Equipment website.

Advanced Wheel Loader

The new HL985A wheel loader, HD Hyundai’s largest, incorporates the latest Cummins X12 diesel engine, delivering 321kW (430hp) and 2,300Nm of torque. This powerful machine is designed to operate efficiently with a 6.5m³ or 7.0m³ bucket, offering exceptional breakout force and load capacity.

The HL985A’s cab is approximately 10% larger than previous models, providing a quiet, comfortable working environment. The operator benefits from an air-suspended heated seat, a 7” touchscreen for real-time monitoring, and a Bluetooth audio system. The integrated rearview camera and HD Hyundai’s All Around Vision Monitor (AAVM) system further enhance safety and operational efficiency.

Industry-Leading Technology

The HL985A is equipped with a five-speed transmission with a lock-up clutch, achieving speeds up to 40km/h. The Intelligent Clutch Cut Off (ICCO) minimizes power loss and enhances braking efficiency. A hydraulically-locking differential ensures maximum traction during digging and loading operations.

“HD Hyundai’s new HL985A sets a new standard in performance and productivity,” said Product Manager Stefan Schwill. “This machine is ideal for a variety of applications, offering more power for less fuel, making it a cost-effective solution for our customers.”

For more information on the Hyundai A-Series and its features, visit the HD Hyundai website.

Discover the Future of Heavy Equipment

HD Hyundai’s latest launches at Hillhead 2024 highlight their ongoing dedication to advancing the heavy equipment industry. With cutting-edge technology, superior operator comfort, and impressive performance, these new models are set to redefine standards in mining, construction, and quarry applications.

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