Yanmar CE EMEA dealer delivers customer excellence to the South-West 

Since joining forces in 2019, the dynamic duo of Machine Serve and Yanmar CE EMEA has established an impressive alliance – one founded on a shared ethos of forging personable, meaningful relationships with customers, and with the local community. 

Machine Serve is a leading construction equipment dealer located in North Devon, where it has been delivering its specialist industry knowledge to a predominantly agriculture-focused clientele for nearly two decades. Its rural location in Chulmleigh makes it the ideal choice for farmers, owner operators and groundworkers throughout the region, with Machine Serve’s territory stretching across Cornwall and Devon. What makes the company so unique, however, is the deeply personable relationships that it has forged with its customers and local community. 

Humble beginnings 

Machine Serve has come a long way since it was first planted its roots in 2004. Phil Davey, founder and current Managing Director, initially operated as a sole trader; offering machine servicing from the back of his Ford Transit van and rented workshop. While much has changed over the years – Machine Serve now has a fully vetted team of industry experts, with an ever-expanding range of construction equipment to offer its customers, for starters – Phil has kept the feel of a close-knit, people-centric business. 

“As our customer-base mainly consists of owner-operators and smaller businesses, they want a dealer who takes an on-the-ground approach to sales and support. We work hard to establish and maintain a close relationship with all our customers; I give everyone my personal number and make it clear that they can contact me anytime they want, or ask me to come down and see them. They seem to really appreciate the more personal touch, as do we”. 

Joining forces with Yanmar CE EMEA (Yanmar CE) in 2019 as its official licenced dealer for the South-West, the duo has since proven a formidable team; combining innovation, professionalism and a customer-centric approach to deliver high standards of service. Machine Serve’s direct partnership with Yanmar CE has played a crucial role in enhancing the affordability of its machines and spare parts for customers, making it well-prepared to compete in the UK’s post-Brexit marketplace. 

Yanmar CE machines have also gained high praise from Machine Serve’s clientele, building quite the reputation for their high-quality and reliability, explains Phil: “Many customers come to us specifically because they know that we have Yanmar CE machines in stock; they’re in really high demand across Cornwall and Devon. I think this is a testament to the durability and reliability of the Yanmar CE machines – one of our agriculture customers hit 15,000 

hours of use on their machine which is really high, and told us that it works just as well as the day they first purchased it. These machines can last an awfully long time if treated well.” 

Community engagement 

Machine Serve continues to foster strong community relationships through their engaging and informative open days. Throughout the year, Machine Serve hosts a series of these events, where customers have the unique opportunity to interact with their team of experts, gain in-depth knowledge about the cutting-edge Yanmar CE machine range, and witness live machine demonstrations. 

Despite the unpredictable weather typical of rural Devon, these open days have gained immense popularity in the local community, drawing impressive turnouts come rain or shine. Machine Serve’s commitment to enhancing customer engagement and providing valuable insights into their equipment remains unwavering, making these open days a highlight for construction enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

Machine Serve and Yanmar CE are excited about the continued success of their partnership and looking forward to many more years of collaboration. With their combined expertise and focus on customer satisfaction, they will continue to be a dynamic duo in the UK construction equipment market, serving customers with cutting-edge products, innovative solutions, and exceptional service. 

“We are committed to delivering quality and innovation to our customers, and Yanmar CE shares this vision,” explains Phil. “Our customers have enthusiastically embraced Yanmar CE’s innovative machines, and we are pleased to see Yanmar CE continually raising the bar in terms of its product excellence and customer satisfaction.”