Xwatch Safety Solutions: New role for Jemma Dycer Hopkins as Operations Manager

Xwatch is delighted to announce that Jemma Dycer Hopkins will be moving into a new role as Operations Manager at Xwatch Safety Solutions. Since joining the Xwatch team in 2021, Jemma has significantly contributed to the company’s growth and success, making her an essential part of the team. 

In her new role, Jemma will continue to supervise the diligent work of engineers, subcontractors, and installers, while ensuring high standards of service support for Xwatch clients. She will continue to nurture vital customer relationships, with account management being an integral part of her new role. She will also take a more active role in pursuing new business opportunities and leading sales initiatives, as Xwatch seek to further strengthen its position in the industry. 

“Jemma’s innovative thinking and keen problem-solving skills have played a vital role in establishing Xwatch as a market leader in height, slew, and RCI systems within the UK,” said Dan Leaney, Sales and Operations Director. “Her work in identifying the potential of the SS3 Pile Monitor and bringing it to market is a testament to her commitment to our company and our clients. It was clear to us from day one that Jemma would be a valuable addition to our team, and her accomplishments to date have only proven that belief to be true. We eagerly anticipate her continued success in this new role.” 

Jemma was the key figure behind the introduction of the SS3 Pile Monitor, a ground-breaking addition to our suite of safety products. Having discovered a prototype gathering dust on a shelf, Jemma recognised its potential and approached James Kay, owner and technical engineer at Kaymech Solutions Ltd. Kay agreed to trial the system on a Zublin piling machine as part of Highways England’s £355m A63 Castle Street scheme in Hull last October. The system has since operated flawlessly, earning subsequent orders and endorsements from impressed contractors. 

Jemma looks forward to taking on her new role and continuing her work at Xwatch. “Joining Xwatch was a milestone in my career,” she said. “Working with Dan and the rest of the team has been really rewarding, and I  believe in the saying ‘do a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.’ I’m keen to continue growing with Xwatch in this expanded role, and I’m committed to supporting our existing customers and driving our business forward in the UK.” 

Jemma’s routine work will also involve close collaboration with our R&D department, to introduce product improvements and make necessary changes. Her skills and expertise make her ideally suited for these new challenges and responsibilities. Leaney concluded, “We look forward to seeing her thrive in this new role and lead Xwatch Safety Solutions into an even brighter future.”