Trendsetter in demolition and recycling equipment Demerec show novelty at Bauma 2022

“On 16 to 22 October 2022 the time has come finally; the Bauma Fair in Munich is the center of the industry. The Demarec product range will be present at exhibition stand FM711/4 and a Novelty is present the DLP EcoLine 50 Rotary Crusher”.

PRODUCT # 1: Novelty DLP EcoLine 50 Rotary Crusher

This crusher with an own weight of 4200 kg. is suitable for machines of 32-55 tonnes. The Jaw opening is 1075 mm with a closing force of 100 tonnes.

DLP EcoLine Rotary Crushers general information

With its current line of demolition and recycling products, Demarec has been active at the top of the market since its foundation 20 years ago, by supplying top quality products and using innovative techniques. But given the developments in the market, Demarec has been brainstorming about the idea of launching a new product line aimed at the middle segment. This has resulted in the Demarec EcoLine. First product category in this line is the DLP rotary pulverizer, later this year the first EcoLine static pulverizer will be introduced to the market.

Although the Demarec EcoLine is competitively priced, no concessions were made to quality during development. The Demarec DLP Ecoline consists of eight models for machines from 7 to 55 tonnes. But the range will be expanded further up and down.

The DLP EcoLine is equipped with a standard cylinder technology and a different technical construction, with an exchangeable tooth system specially developed for the EcoLine. The complete rotator head is the same as with the existing models. 

The blades and scraping teeth are also used, for example, in the Demarec Multi-Quick-Processor MQP. The Demarec philosophy of fully interchangeable wearing parts has therefore also been applied to the Ecoline.

PRODUCT # 2: 2-cylinder concrete crusher DCC-30-C

The DCC-30 has an own weight of 2425 kg, is suitable for machines of 20 to 35 tonnes and has a jaw opening of 1150 mm.

DCC 2-cylinder concrete crushers general information

The total delivery program of the DCC consists of 6 types that are suitable for carriers with a weight of 18 to 80 tons. At the basis of the development of DCC is the increasing demand from the market for a powerful 2-cylinder concrete shear with a favourable own weight. This makes the DCC extremely suitable for High Reach Demolition Machines. . The concrete crusher has two pivot points, which ensures that the jaws have more torque to generate the maximum closing force. In combination with the newly developed DemaPower 2.0 cylinder and perfectly tailored jaw geometry, the DCC concrete shears produce 25% more force on average than similar shears. The DemaPower 2.0 system also ensures faster cycle times. There is no booster that needs to be pressurized first. Within the foreseeable future all types of the DCC are also available with long blades and interchangeable teeth

Key features and benefits of the DCC 2-cylinder concrete crushers

  • Optimal force closing curve
  • Robust slewing ring ensures it will survive even the heaviest demolition work
  • Double rotator motors or single piston motor ensure a high rotation force
  • Filters in rotator protect the rotation circuit
  • High penetrating force for cutting
  • Highly durable jaws
  • Perfect jaw geometry ensures the shears stay sharp for longer
  • Optimum cylinder protection
  • Hydraulic system completely protected by the yoke
  • Optional: Different airbrush designs.

PRODUCT # 3 Scrap shear DXS-70-A equipped with DemaPower 2.0

Demarec shows the DXS-70-A, with an own weight of 6.750 kg., suitable for machines with a weight of 35 to 80 tonnes.

DXS Scrap Shears general information

The Demarec DXS Scrap Shear with its 360° rotation was engineered to deliver a scrap shear with a maximum force, highest speed and optimal weight to performance ratio in daily use in scrap yards and demolition sites. This robust tool can be used for a wide variety of jobs including demolition, scrap processing and tire recycling. With three different mounting options, the DXS line is available in six different sizes, suitable for excavators from 14t to 100t operating weight.

Key features and benefits of the DXS Scrap Shears

  • 25% more power and faster cycle times than comparable scrap shears thanks to the DemaPower 2.0 System;
  • Extremely high cutting force and optimal performance to weight ratio.
  • Powerful cylinder with speed valve – fully protected in the shear body.
  • More cutting force due to offset APEX of shear blades.
  • Body made of wear resistant, fine grained steel.
  • Heavy duty bearings in the pivot points for a long lifetime.
  • Unique, extremly robust Shear Arm Guiding System (SGS).
  • Robust mouth design with large opening for scrap and concrete.
  • Exchangeable and re-weldable piercing tip.
  • All blades are 4 or 8 times indexable.
  • Unique Blade Locking System (BLS) in upper and lower jaw.
  • Heavy duty 360° rotation with oversized slewing ring. (shear also available without rotation).
  • Filter in rotation circuit.

PRODUCT # 4 Multi-Quick Processor MQP-60 with C-jaw

This MQP is suitable for machines 45-65 tonnes and has an own weight of 2.440 kg. The C-jaw is made for demolition of structures made of reinforced concrete with a high percentage of ferrous materials and cutting steel structures

Multi-Quick Processor general information

The proven concept of Demarec’s Multi Quick Processors can be seen as a standard in the market. The MQP-series has been developed according a totally renewed concept, in which the emphasis lies on efficiency in the broadest sense of the word. The MQP is available with jaws suited for the cutting and pulverizing of concrete construction, concrete steel and for the cutting of steel constructions and scrap. All jaws are perfectly suited for the heavy duty tasks in demolition and recycling. The MQP is equipped with 2 rotation motors with shock valves for extra rotation power. Over more, the oil transit has been supplied with 1 extra channel which can be optionally equipped with a greasing system or water spraying system. Demarec MQP’s have a very advantageous power to weight ratio and a big jaw opening. By using the new DemaLink-System, which has been developed by Demarec itself, the jaws can be changed hydraulically extremely fast and easily. In less than 10 minutes the MQP changes from a scrap sheer into a concrete pulveriser or a concrete cutter.

This means no unnecessary down time and always the right jaw for the job. Because of the DemaLink-System the jaws can be changed safely on location by just 1 person. All Multi-Quick Processors are equipped with the DemaPower-System. This unique technique has also been developed by Demarec itself. The DemaPower-System has a double acting speed valve, which gives the MQP more power and results in extreme fast cycle times. The jaws can be opened and closed within 5 seconds. And, because the cylinder has four pressure chambers, it has 20% more power than a conventional cylinder. This results in a huge gain of capacity. What makes the Multi-Quick Processors unique is that all available jaws are fully built out of exchangeable wear parts. This goes for the upper jaw, as well as the lower jaw. This makes welding of the jaw practically unnecessary and avoids metal fatigue of the main material. Moreover the wear parts can be replaced on site for maintenance. This avoids unnecessary transport of the pulveriser so it can work continuously. 

Key features and benefits of the MQP 

  • Demalink-system, changing of jaws hydraulically in a couple of minutes
  • Very powerful because of the DemaPower-System
  • Exchangeable wear parts
  • Jaw guided stabilization in front of and behind the pivot point in C- and S-Jaw (SGS)
  • 2 Rotation motors
  • Rotary joint with extra channel
  • Filters in rotation circuit
  • Possible to change wear parts on site
  • Less fuel consumed, because of the DemaPower-System
  • Optional: Dust spraying system

PRODUCT # 5 Heavy Duty Demolition and Sorting Grab DRG-36

This demolition and sorting grab has an won weight of 2.210 kg and is suitable for machines 30-50 tonnes.

Heavy Duty Demolition and Sorting Grabs general information

The Demarec demolition and sorting grabs have long been a standard in the demolition market. The proven concept can be widely used in demolition, recycling and other applications. The Demarec grippers are used by many prominent companies in various industries. Characteristic is favorable own weight and the large content. 

The grabs are characterised by their extremely powerful closing strength and the robust construction of the yoke thanks to a Delta-Box frame with wide pivot points using bearings and over dimensioned pins and bearings. The Delta-Box frame in combination with a single large diameter cylinder – for powerful closing – ensures low reactive forces at the hinging points. The application of a single cylinder makes the grab easy to service and reliable because of the simplicity of the hydraulic system. The shells are equipped with a perforated shell plate made of high-grade material as standard. This construction gives extra torsion rigidity to the shells, prevents material getting stuck in the shells and gives optimal visibility on the job. No concessions were made with regard to the wear parts. The sides and the reversible, divided bottom blades are manufactured of extra thick, durable material. The divided bottom blades can also be interchanged up to 3 times so that wear at the corners can be dealt with and wear-material is not wasted unnecessarily (Depending of the model). Demarec demolition and sorting grabs of the type DRG-25 to 65 are fitted with twin rotation motors for extra rotation power as standard. The DRG-17 to 22 are equipped for this and can optionally be supplied with a second rotation motor. All grabs are also fitted with filters in the rotation circuit as standard. The application of the standard load safety valve in the grabs open/close circuit ensures safety when working with Demarec demolition and sorting grabs. For example, unsafe situations when picking up and laying dock boards for example are avoided. Overheating of the oil is also avoided and the machine keeps up its cycle speed. 

Key features and benefits of the Demarec Demolition and Sorting Grabs

  • Delta-Box Frame with robust end stops
  • Heavy duty rotation motor(s) with shock protection
  • Double roller ring (from DRG-28)
  • Heavy duty side plates from HB500
  • Grease sealed pivot points prevent the ingress of debris
  • Wear blades made from HB500
  • Load safety valve
  • Hydraulic cylinder end damping
  • Bolt on mounting bracket
  • Filters in rotation circuit

PRODUCT # 5 DEMO Multi-Shear DMS05 with C-, S-, and V-Jaw

The DMS Multi-shear is the ideal flexible shear for use with midi excavators. The DMS is a truly multifunctional shear thanks to the mechanical change system and the wide range of available jaws. There are jaws available for cutting through reinforced concrete (DMS-05-C), scrap (DMS-05-S), and for cutting cables (DMS-05-V). The DMS-05 can be used for both primary and secondary demolition work. All jaws are fitted with replaceable wearing parts where possible. Jaws can be quickly and safely changed  in just a few minutes.

Key features and benefits of the DMS Multi-shear:

  • Powerful cylinder with speed valve
  • Cylinder is reverse-mounted so that the piston rod is fully protected
  • Multi-Link system for rapid jaw changing
  • Compact 15 tons hydraulic 360° rotator
  • Replaceable wearing jaw parts
  • Perfect jaw geometry for optimum performance
  • Hydraulic system completely protected by the yoke
  • Optimum weight/power ratio

Demarec Profile

Demarec, part of the Kinshofer Group since 2006, is one of the top manufacturer of equipment for the demolition and recycling industry.

With more than 25 years of experience in the sector, Demarec has been successful in perfectly combining market knowledge with technology expertise. Demarec develops its products with a clear vision in mind, with a focus on favourable operating costs, an excellent price-quality ratio, unique performance, a high level of service, design and low maintenance costs. By also listening attentively to users and consumers, innovations emerge that have a genuine added value. Since day one, this has always been one of Demarec’s most important objectives. Like no other, Demarec has mastered the art of turning wishes into high-quality and reliable products.

At Demarec sustainability is high on the priority list. The development of a special cylinder technique, the DemaPower-System, is an ultimate example of this. This system, with 20% more power and extremely fast cycle times, guarantees lower fuel consumption than traditional systems. In addition to financial gain, this technique therefore also helps to save the environment! The reliability and longevity of Demarec’s products complement the statement: ‘Investing in Demarec products is investing in sustainability.’

When developing its products, Demarec is not afraid to veer off the well-trodden path. Out of the box thinking and the use of techniques and constructions never used before make Demarec a unique player in the market. Demarec’s associates are always assisted by specialists who are able to fully identify with each specific situation. So if you are looking for a reliable supplier of, among others, demolition- and sorting grabs, static pulverizers, scrap shears, etc. then the staff of Demarec would be more than happy to assist you.