Thwaites Ltd Joins Forces with CESAR to Enhance Equipment Security

In an impressive move at the Hillhead 2024 Show, Thwaites Ltd announced its commitment to the CESAR security and registration scheme, powered by Datatag ID Ltd. This strategic decision is set to fortify the protection of Thwaites dumpers, deterring theft and enhancing recovery prospects.

The CESAR scheme, endorsed by the Construction Equipment Association (CEA), is the UK’s premier security initiative recognized by the Metropolitan Police and the UK Home Office. With 24/7 monitoring, the scheme significantly increases the chances of recovering stolen equipment, offering a robust defense against criminal activities in the construction and mining sectors.

Andrew Sabin, General Sales Manager at Thwaites, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to join the CESAR Scheme. At Thwaites, safeguarding our brand, distributors, and loyal operators is paramount.” Sabin emphasized the added benefits of reducing ownership costs through lowered insurance premiums and enhanced equipment residual values.

Viki Bell, Director of Operations at the CEA, lauded Thwaites’ decision, highlighting the industry’s growing trust in the CESAR Scheme’s effectiveness. “Thwaites’ commitment underscores the critical role of CESAR in protecting valuable machinery and combating theft,” Bell remarked.

Kevin Howells, CEO of Datatag ID Ltd, echoed these sentiments, welcoming Thwaites to the CESAR Scheme. “Thwaites’ adoption of CESAR is a testament to their dedication to security and our advanced forensic identification technologies,” Howells said.

For those interested in Thwaites dumpers, they are available through a comprehensive UK network of distributors. More information can be found on the Thwaites website.