Tesmec launches a high precision 3D Digital Twin integrated system 

Tesmec, leading group in the market for infrastructure technologies (overhead, underground and railways)

for the transport of electricity, data and materials (oil and derivates, gas and water), as well as surface mining and quarrying technologies, on the occasion of Bauma 2022 launches its brand new Mobile Mapping System (MMS), an integrated radar mapping system of the underground and high-precision digital 3D survey of the environment above.

The Mobile Mapping System is equipped with a detection system installed on the top and an Explorer 2.0 Georadar.

The survey system is designed to perform a georeferenced 3D reconstruction through the union of two types of data: the 3D point cloud obtained through the use of LIDAR technology; the 3D point cloud obtained through stereoscopy algorithms applied to the images acquired by high resolution matrix cameras.

The resulting point cloud with the image superimposed is then subjected to digital re-elaboration processing carried out by sophisticated artificial intelligence networks in order to get a georeferenced and accurate mapping.

The MMS detection system has an accuracy of about 2 cm and returns a cloud of points of the surrounding environment that can be consulted on the cloud platform, useful for proper planning of the construction site.

Explorer 2.0, è il modello Tesmec di georadar ad altissima precisione dotato di 32 antenne che scansionano il suolo fino a una profondità di 96 cm, e che è in grado di operare, trainato dal veicolo, ad una velocità massima di 17 km/h. L’output generato da Explorer 2.0, consiste nella mappatura delle infrastrutture interrate esistenti, utile per le attività di indagini preliminari allo scavo. L’uso del geroradar permette infatti di accorciare/ridurre i tempi di esecuzione dei lavori, di garantire la sicurezza dei cantieri e di consentire una maggiore precisione nei lavori di scavo evitando le possibilità di danneggiamento delle utenze sotterranee esistenti.

Explorer 2.0 is the Tesmec very high precision georadar equipped with 32 antennas that scan the ground up to a depth of 96 cm, and which is able to operate, towed by the vehicle, at a maximum speed of 17 km / h. The output generated by Explorer 2.0 consists of the mapping of existing underground infrastructures, useful for preliminary excavation investigations. In fact, the use of the geroradar allows to reduce the execution times of the works, to guarantee the safety of construction sites and to allow greater precision in excavation work, avoiding the possibility of damage to existing underground utilities.

The integration of the two surveys makes it possible to get a 3D digital mapping on a cloud platform, on which the As-Built map generated by “SmartTracker” Tesmec can be superimposed.

An integrated dashboard with a GIS engine is available through a web platform for displaying the information from the surveys and processing, which allows the georeferenced and simultaneous display of data. The specially configured interfaces allow navigation within different types of data, such as visible images and

high-resolution videos, thermal images, laser point clouds and three-dimensional BIM models.

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With the presentation to the market of this high-tech solution, Tesmec’s participation in Bauma 2022 is

confirmed under the banner of Digital Transformation. “TheMobileMappingSystemisasolutionthatcanbecombinedwithexcavationtechnologyandiscomplementarytoit.TheDigitalTransformationhasnaturallypushedustowardsthecreationofanewportfoliooftechnologiesandbusinessmodels.”affirmsMarcoQuarta,NewTechnologyManager.“Thisisafurthersteptowardsthe supplyofintegratedsolutionsfortheundergroundlayingofhigh-techcables.TheproductispartoftheGroup’sgrowthstrategy,underthebannerof digitalization,sustainabilityand energy transition,withthe aimto bring the advanced imageprocessingandartificialintelligenceskillsacquiredbytheGroupindifferentverticalstomarketsthatarestillunexplored.”