Sorting in a few simple steps

How MB Crusher’s rotary screeners can facilitate the salvaging of C&D waste, transforming your heavy equipment into a mobile recycling center.

One of the most considerable complications in recycling is separating mixed materials.

Miscellaneous products are hard to recycle because materials must be separated to be processed effectively and reused.

When recycling construction and demolition debris, screening waste is an essential practice, which consists of separating the waste material into multiple grades or separating mixed materials by type. Manual separation can be done, but it takes too long. Alternatively, waste materials can be hauled to processing centers. Still, it is logistically challenging, costly, and has health and safety implications for site contractors and the general public due to large moving vehicles in and out of the site.

But why is such an important task so difficult and costly to practice?

Actually! It is pretty simple if you look at it from a different perspective. Like from the cab, the operator’s view. Simply process the mixed material where it is by using the heavy equipment available and with an MB Crusher screening bucket attachment.

Attachments are boom extensions that help the operator to carry out more tasks than just excavating. MB’s screening bucket will facilitate and speed separating mixed material, reducing landfill waste and saving time, labor, and money.

They are pretty simple to use and will work with any brand of carriers, let’s see how some customers managed their sites.

Contained environment and compact recycling center

J& L Equipos in Colombia demonstrates that not all demolition waste requires removal from the site. How? By using a screening bucket with the excavator already on site, the soil is cleaned of demolition debris and can be reused. The next step? Reducing the size of debris with the MB Crusher crusher bucket, so all the material can be reused.

While Norvàn General Contractor in Puerto Rico needed to maximize usage of all materials, procurement of raw materials can be arduous on an island. For them, using MB’s screening bucket has sped operations up. Scoop then screen fine material into a truck bed and unload the remaining material into another truck. One man-one machine and mixed material are separated and cleaned, ready to be used or reduced by the jaw crusher. Isn’t this a neat recycling center?