Sleipner Finland Oy Unveils Groundbreaking Fully Electric and Autonomous Transport System for Mines

Sleipner Finland has introduced a revolutionary, fully electric, and autonomous transport system for mining and construction equipment. The world premiere of this emission-free transport solution was held at the prestigious Electric Mining 2024 event in Perth, Australia. Scheduled for delivery in 2026, this innovative system aims to transform the way mines operate, aligning with the industry’s goals for automation and emission reduction.

A Leap Forward in Mining Technology

The new autonomous and emission-free electric transport system is designed for mines that already utilize automated equipment, such as drills, and have the necessary infrastructure for autonomous solutions. Several patents are pending for Sleipner’s cutting-edge transport system, which promises to significantly reduce emissions and life cycle costs.

“Autonomous mining requires all equipment to be automated, from the giant vehicles transporting blasted rocks to the drills. Entire sites can be remotely operated and monitored, enhancing safety and efficiency,” says Jukka Koponen, CEO of Sleipner Finland. “Australia is a pioneer in autonomous mining, driven by major mining companies’ emission reduction targets. By 2030, the goal is to cut carbon dioxide emissions by half and maximize automation. We aim to lead in this development with our new transport solution.”

Emission-Free and Cost-Effective

The battery-powered transport system utilizes renewable energy, making it possible to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions entirely during equipment transport. This solution addresses the significant diesel consumption of current methods, paving the way for environmentally friendly, battery-powered alternatives. According to Teijo Höylä, CTO at Sleipner Finland, the new system can improve equipment productivity by 5% and reduce life cycle costs by up to 10%.

Versatility and Future-Proof Design

Sleipner’s new transport system is scalable to different weight classes and features a brand-independent autonomous control system interface. It can integrate with other OEM ecosystems through its open interface, ensuring versatility and future compatibility. The system can transport various equipment, including drills, bulldozers, and battery packs, supporting the broader electrification of mines.

The transport system is built to operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to +50 degrees Celsius, using high-quality materials and components from reputable manufacturers, ensuring global maintenance ease.

Driving Growth and Innovation

Despite economic challenges, Sleipner Finland has continued to grow, doubling its turnover in 2023. The company’s innovative product development and new market openings, including recent expansions in Poland and Canada, have been key to its success. Sleipner’s strong presence in Australia and Africa, alongside its Nordic base, underlines its global reach.

“The new transport system aligns with our growth strategy. We are heavily investing in R&D and our cooperation network. Our goal is to set trends in transportation solutions for mining equipment, helping mining companies achieve their emission reduction and efficiency targets,” emphasizes Koponen.

Improving Working Conditions and Addressing Labor Shortages

Automation not only reduces emissions but also addresses labor shortages in the mining sector. Automated systems improve occupational safety and wellbeing, reducing exposure to dust and vibration, and minimizing the need for on-site personnel.

“Automated machines, like our new transport system, allow remote operation of mines, enhancing safety and working conditions,” explains Höylä. “If human intervention is required, all activities can be stopped within a safety radius, ensuring maximum safety.”

For more information, visit Sleipner Finland.

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