Sennebogen Scrap Kings

Redditch based Ashvin Metals Midlands Ltd. take delivery of a new Sennebogen 830 E scrap handler supplied by Molson Green as they invest to increase operating efficiency.

Like many other industries, scrap metal recyclers were not spared as the repercussions on the COVID pandemic filtered through to the global markets. At the height of the outbreak many saw the shipment of scrap metal put on hold in addition to a number of plants across Europe being shut down due to restrictions. The subsequent fall in production resulted in the demand for scrap metal reducing, which in turn had a detrimental impact on scrap value.

As the global market begins to re-open, the demand for certain metals has steadily increased. However, with supply continuing to be disrupted, the commodity price is undoubtably making a recovery, albeit a very slow one. In this situation, operational efficiency can be the difference between making a profit or a loss. This is where having the right machinery can make all the difference.

Phil Cook, Ashvin Metals Midlands Ltd. Works Manager said, “Following the acquisition of Commercial Engineering Metals by Ashvin Metals in late 2020, we have been able to make a number of investments to improve the capacity of the Redditch site. 

“For me, the most important piece of equipment to start with was the heartbeat of our yard – the scrap handler. Our new colleagues at Ashvin Metals have had a great experience of Sennebogen products after funding an 830 E for their Blackpool site for a number of trouble-free years.”

The Sennebogen 830 E offers an impressive 17m reach (measured from the centre of slew ring to stick pin) from the K17 boom and stick. Using the four stabilisers to raise the wheeled undercarriage off the ground, the operator can remain in one location and take the stripped vehicles, load them into the bailer, stockpile them once processed and even load incoming waggons without having to move. 

To assist operators in completing tasks more efficiently, this 830 E has a high-rise cab, with additional screen and roof protection allowing the operator’s eye level to raise up to approx. 5.65m.  The operator can then see clearly into trailers when loading, ensuring the load is filled to maximum capacity and with a greater degree of accuracy.

Inside the cab, the operator has an uninterrupted forward view thanks to the Sennebogen’s joystick steering. The benefit with joystick steering is there is no bulky steering column blocking the operators view to the ground, where the majority of sorting is completed in this application.


Machine access and operator daily checks are also very straightforward. The factory fitted 3-point access steps and ladders along with the upper carriage “boxing ring” gives the operator a safe and secure area to work in. The daily checks can be done from ground level and the centrally mounted grease points for the undercarriage, autolube on the upper carriage meaning there is no requirement to crawl under the machine.

Phil went on to say, “We are already seeing the benefits the 830 E offers, with waggon loading times halved. Thanks to the higher cab compared to our previous machine, the operator has a clear view into the waggon. This enables him to ensure each load is full to maximum capacity.

“The machine operator has been giving great feedback on the machine, both from a performance and comfort perspective. It was so good that I had to get behind the sticks myself to see what all the fuss was about… and I wasn’t disappointed. For me, the visibility is certainly worth a mention. With no steering wheel and all of the controls and displays out of the way, the view is fantastic.” 

Molson Green Scrap and Ports Specialist, Brian Albiston said, “As the experience the Sennebogen at Ashvin Metals had already proved, both the build quality and attention to detail by the Bavarian manufacturer is second to none.

“Phil and the team have been a pleasure to deal with. It is clearly an exciting time for the business following the acquisition by Ashvin Metals. We are delighted to be able to support them on this journey by offering a range of products that will really improve their operation, backed up with support that they can count on.”

Phil and the team have also opted for the peace of mind provided by a fixed price Service Agreement from Molson Green. The agreement sees all labour, travel and parts (both wet and dry) for an agreed number of hours, built into a fixed monthly charge. By taking this option, Ashvin Metals Midlands will not only reduce the risk of machine down time, but also protect against potential cost increases thanks to external factors such as Brexit tariff charges. 

Phil said, “For me, when looking at which machine to buy, the level of after sales support from the dealer is one of the key factors to look at. When you speak to anyone running any machines supplied from Molson, it soon becomes apparent that they certainly deliver on this front. Adding to this, the service agreement means that we know exactly what this machine is costing us each month. We just need to add a driver and fuel, the rest is covered.”