Rototilt R4QC: A Game-Changing Investment for Erne Groundworks

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Investing in a tiltrotator can be a significant decision for construction and earthmoving professionals, but the benefits are undeniable. Howard Greene, founder of Erne Groundworks Ltd, recently experienced these advantages firsthand after acquiring a Rototilt R4 QuickChange (R4QC) from Construction Plant Services (CPS). This cutting-edge equipment has quickly proven to be a valuable asset for his operations.

Erne Groundworks Ltd, established in 2011 and based in County Cavan, has thrived under Howard’s leadership, drawing on his 30 years of industry experience. The addition of the Rototilt R4QC, complete with a Quick Change machine coupler, Gripper module, universal bucket, and fully integrated joystick steering, axle locks, boom float, and blade, has been a strategic move to enhance efficiency and productivity.

One key reason behind Howard’s decision was the industry-wide shortage of skilled operatives. “With fewer young people entering the construction industry, investing in a tiltrotator made perfect sense,” Howard explains. “It allows us to accomplish much more on-site with just one operator, making my job significantly easier. The financial outlay was substantial, but I can already see it paying off.”

Awesome Earthmovers recently visited Howard and his team at a large housing development site in Clondalkin, Dublin, where they were utilizing the Rototilt R4QC on a new Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator – the first of its kind in Ireland. “This combination has been outstanding,” Howard confirms.

The 13-tonne Volvo EWR130E is a versatile machine on its own, but when paired with the Rototilt tiltrotator and QuickChange system, its capabilities are vastly enhanced. The QuickChange system allows operators to efficiently switch between hydraulic and non-hydraulic tools, reducing downtime and fuel consumption while enhancing safety by keeping operators in the cab.

The R4QC comes standard with SecureLock, an active safety solution that minimizes the risk of tool swing and drop by ensuring secure connections. This system continuously monitors the connection, providing visual and audible warnings if any issues arise, meeting high safety standards set by EN474.

“Using the Rototilt R4QC has significantly boosted our efficiency and productivity,” Howard shares. “We’re saving on labor costs and can perform tasks that would otherwise be challenging. The tiltrotator’s versatility has transformed our Volvo EWR130E into an even more powerful tool.”

Designed for excavators weighing 10-16 tonnes, the R4QC handles breakout torques up to 163 kNm. Its proportional control system and pressure-compensated hydraulics allow for precise control of tilt and rotation, even when operating at different speeds simultaneously.

The Rototilt’s robust design, featuring an oil-filled cast rotor housing, sets it apart from welded alternatives. This design ensures continuous lubrication, better heat dissipation, longer service life, and reduced wear on key components.

The R4QC also includes an RG800 Gripper, ideal for tasks like moving manhole covers, kerbstones, pipe laying, and stone paving. As part of the Open-S standard, the QuickChange system offers greater flexibility with attachments from various manufacturers, enhancing operational efficiency.

Howard’s experience with the Rototilt R4QC has been overwhelmingly positive. “Mastering the controls was a learning curve, but with excellent support from CPS, we quickly integrated the system with our Volvo EWR130E. It’s proven to be a truly rewarding investment.”

Declan McGowan of CPS adds, “We’ve seen a growing appreciation for Rototilt’s benefits among operators. Setting up the R4QC on Howard’s Volvo excavator and guiding him through its optimal use has been a pleasure. We wish Erne Groundworks continued success.”

For more information on the Rototilt R4QC and its transformative impact on the construction and earthmoving industry, visit Rototilt

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