Rokbak Makes Debut at Le Dig Tour

Rokbak’s First Appearance at France’s Premier Construction Machinery Roadshow

Rokbak is excited to announce its participation in Le Dig Tour, France’s leading construction machinery roadshow, marking a significant milestone for the Scottish articulated hauler manufacturer. For the first time, Rokbak will showcase its impressive RA30 articulated dump truck (ADT) at several key events across the country.

Rokbak RA30 at Le Dig Tour

The 28-tonne (30.9 US ton) Rokbak RA30 will be featured at the following Le Dig Tour events:

  • May 30th-31st in Rennes
  • June 6th-7th in Mulhouse
  • September 19th-20th in Brignoles

This participation highlights Rokbak’s commitment to expanding its presence in France, fostering new partnerships with dealers and customers, and providing direct engagement opportunities with the RA30.

Building Stronger Connections

Paul Culliford, Rokbak Regional Sales Manager EMEA, will be part of the Rokbak team at these events. “The 30-tonne trucks are integral to the French ADT market due to their ease of transport to various sites,” says Paul. “Rokbak trucks are designed to be robust and reliable, meeting the needs of construction projects in France and setting new standards in performance and total cost of ownership.”

Paul, a multilingual expert, is eager to interact with customers and demonstrate the capabilities of the Rokbak product line, including the larger RA40 ADT, with a capacity of 38 tonnes (41.9 US ton).

Live Demonstrations and Customer Engagement

“We will be on the ground during Le Dig Tour with an operator to showcase the RA30 through live demonstrations,” Paul explains. “Le Dig Tour offers a unique platform to meet customers and exhibit what Rokbak has to offer.”

About Le Dig Tour

Entering its fourth season, Le Dig Tour consists of five regional events in France. This manufacturer-led outdoor event is centered on OEMs showcasing their equipment and solutions for public works specialists.

Rokbak collaborates with three dealers in France: Manu Lorraine Group in the north-east, Framateq in the south-east, and Griset Matériel in the Rhône-Alpes region. Engaging in events like Le Dig Tour aligns with Rokbak’s ambition to strengthen its dealer network nationwide and leverage the country’s robust ADT market.

The French ADT Market

Since Rokbak’s rebranding in 2021, France has remained a strong market for articulated haulers. Annual sales have increased from around 200 units to a steady 280 units, driven by construction, infrastructure expansion, and active quarries.

“The French ADT market demands trucks that can operate in diverse conditions and navigate challenging terrains with ease,” explains Paul. “Rokbak’s articulated haulers offer durability, efficiency, and an attractive total cost of ownership, making them ideal for France’s extensive infrastructure projects.”

For more information, visit Rokbak during Le Dig Tour or explore the Rokbak and Le Dig Tour websites.

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