Operators can now rotate the entire cab at the touch of a button to keep their vision and focus on the job and a view of potential obstacles on the site. The exclusive chassis with central oscillation ensures stability and traction in all conditions. Associated with extreme ease of use and accessibility, the Revotruck makes material transport smarter and safer.

Almost one third of transport accidents on construction sites occur on dumpers. This is mainly due to the front load that obstructs visibility when driving forward, exposing drivers to major accidents. Alternative products such as reversible dumpers have attempted to solve this problem for a long time (1950) by proposing rotating driving platforms. However, we have observed that operators always stay in the same position without using the rotating platform:

– Turning the heavy console is difficult and time consuming. Moreover, this manual operation is performed in a restricted space for the driver’s legs, making it laborious when repeated throughout the working day 

– With a rotating console but a fixed cab, all cab elements (mirrors, doors, windscreen) are never at the right position when the platform is rotated

– Access is only possible from one side of the machine and once the platform is facing forward 

Based on our user-centric innovation process, we have created a new type of vehicle for smarter and safer material transport. This revolutionary development is named: The Revotruck. The Revotruck is not just a dumper; it is an iconic machine with a rotating cab and an exclusive chassis architecture that combines stability and mobility.


Getting the best view of the work without the operator physically having to manoeuvre is now possible with the fully rotating cab of the Revotruck. Unlike existing solutions that offer limited two-way views, the infinite cab positions of the Revotruck open up visibility in all directions, allowing maximum concentration for the drivers on the job and their surrounding elements (workers, machines). We have not only created the Revotruck to revolutionize the way to work with a dumper, we have done it to further enhance operator safety and well-being.


With drivers at the heart of the Revotruck design, we make the revolution of the cab possible at the touch of a button. As a result, drivers constantly maintain the correct body posture and help protect themselves against back problems. Additionally, the machine automatically adapts its behaviour to the actual position of the cab (driving direction, speed, steering). This installed intelligence makes the Revotruck the most intuitive and safest transport solution available on construction sites. No need to turn a heavy console, just press a button to start a revolution!


Our challenge was to provide unrestricted access to the Revotruck without compromising safety and ergonomics, as is the case with current dumpers. We have overcome this challenge by designing the chassis around the cabin with access to each corner of the driver’s station. Therefore, access to the Revotruck is always safe and effortless.


Inspired by slope tractors, the Revotruck delivers exceptional stability. The central linkage between the two parts of the chassis offers up to 18° of oscillation, ensuring permanent stability and traction in all conditions. This unique chassis is completed by four equally sized wheels with a switchable steering mode (front steering, all-wheel steering and crab steering) that opens up possibilities for working with superior agility in the tightest spaces. The result is a revolutionary product that combines unlimited visibility from the rotating cab with outstanding stability thanks to its unique chassis. Associated with extreme ease of use and accessibility, the Revotruck takes safety and well-being on the jobsite to a new level.