Pop up day shows how to maximise paver machine efficiency 

Paving and hire companies from across the country joined Finning at a pop-up event to get an up close view of the latest asphalt pavers from Caterpillar® – and discover more about how inbuilt technology can support big efficiency savings.  

Key road construction and hire companies, involved in both national and regional contracting, were invited to see a range of machines at the company’s headquarters in Staffordshire for the event. 

On show across the two days was the latest paving field follow machine from Caterpillar – the AP400 – a wheeled asphalt paver that has just been released for sale following comprehensive field testing.  

In addition, the Cat AP300F – a small to mid-sized paver – was also featured in the static display. 

Paving machine specialists were also on hand at the event to discuss the latest features available on the machines to support safety and efficiency.  

Paul Walton, Paving and Compaction Sales Manager at Finning, said: “It was great to see some of our major customers dropping in for the event that was deliberately low key to give a personal touch – and that was a great success.

“It was an opportunity for customers across the UK to get together and get a feel for the latest machines and technology, and how they work in practice. 

“Having the machines available on site and being able to show the depth of our expertise was a great opportunity – and our customers also got the chance to meet some of the service engineers, who will be working with them on a day-to-day basis from a maintenance and servicing point of view.

He added: “The AP400 is a new product for Caterpillar but it harks back to Bitelli. It carries the heritage of that brand but all the modern features of a Cat machine, which support efficiency, fuel saving and useability.

“It surfaces a 2.4 metre to 4.8 metre screed and offers sub-2.5m transport width and sub 14T weight, making it extremely versatile for transporting to site and highly moveable when on site.

“While new machines are being developed, the functionality also continues to move forward with features such as integrated levelling systems, a mobile track system, and tracking fuel usage that help to improve productivity. This event was a good opportunity to continue to raise awareness of that.”

In addition to discovering more about the machines, visitors were able to get an idea of accessibility to support future projects through the availability of stock, which is an important consideration in supporting large-scale road construction projects. 

Finning introduced a number of Cat Compact stores at key locations to enable customers to view certain machinery more easily.