One of Austria’s largest recycling contractors

Rieger Entsorgungs GmbH, operate from four locations throughout Austria and Germany and are currently in the process of upgrading their fleet of material handling machines.

Rieger Entsorgungs GmbH can look back on a long and successful history, that has set them apart from many of their competitors since their foundation. The company was founded in 1925 by Georg and Katharina Rieger with a small carriage business. Initially, the family business started with a coal and fuel oil business. Over the years, the company specialised in waste disposal and recycling. Their industry leading desire was confirmed in 1988 with the commissioning of the first waste sorting plant in Austria before gaining ISO 9002 and ISO 9001 certifications. Since 2007, Johann Rieger Jr. has been running the recycling company with more than 150 employees, over 1,000 containers and in excess of 100 trucks, as well as a fleet of machines specialised in material handling.

At the Linz facility, more than 50,000 tonnes of material are handled on an annual basis, most of which comes from within a 50 km radius. The versatile range of materials includes everything from household waste, commercial, construction, and industrial wastes. The material is sorted, processed and segregated before it is loaded for disposal or onward recycling.

For the renewal of the material handler fleet, the company examined all options on the market. Gerhard Pirchner, Ascendum sales representative, has been supporting Rieger Entsorgungs GmbH in matters of construction machinery for several years. Ascendum and Rieger look back on decades of cooperation. As Ascendum has been able to successfully place a large number of SENNEBOGEN material handlers on the Austrian market in recent years, it was only natural that Gerhard Pirchner should enable the recycling company to test the SENNEBOGEN 822 of the new G series. Site Manager Helmut Vorwagner explains: “We knew of the good Ascendum service, but we wanted to test whether SENNEBOGEN met our requirements. Gerhard Pirchner organised a new 822 G material handler with 10m reach and a 450-litre selector grab for us to try out for a week. We tried it and liked it so much; we wouldn’t let him take it away again!”

The 822 G is one of the latest updates in the SENNEBOGEN range of material handlers to have been upgraded to a G denomination. As the successor to the 818 E, the new model represents the machine’s actual operating weight more accurately yet also includes a host of updates to enhance operator comfort, production and lower the machine’s environmental impact through lower fuel usage.

With an operating weight between 22 and 24 tonnes, the 822 G still uses the same heavy-duty undercarriage as its predecessor. From the axles through to the slew ring, the entire undercarriage of the material handler has been designed to be robust, manoeuvrable, and easily maintained whilst still allowing the machine to remain stable under heavy working conditions. The sturdy, galvanised steps and handrails to both the sides and ends of the chassis provide the operator a safe and easy climb up onto the upper structure of the machine. The long-lasting theme of galvanised handrails is carried on to the access route to the top of the upper structure and around the top of it with the standard boxing ring rails.

Both sides of the upper structure feature large, gull-wing style canopies covering the components within. The offside of the machine’s upper structure contains the cooling pack followed by the new 3.8 litre Cummins Tier V engine whilst tucked behind the cab riser is the auto greasing system, electrical fuse board, AdBlue and diesel tanks. The layout of the components provides easy access for daily checks and topping up fluids with the canopy providing some shelter from the elements when it comes to service time. The reduction in cubic capacity of the engine has enabled the SENNEBOGEN to reduce its fuel consumption yet still retaining the smooth power delivery operators are accustomed to. 

The new elevating Maxcab III has been increase in size to allow a wider heated and air-cooled operator seat. SENNEBOGEN further increased the comfort in the cabin by introducing new electric joysticks and removing the need for any hydraulic connections within the space. The memory-based operator profiles allow the machine to be optimally adjusted to the individual needs of the operator. The new controls are said to reduce operator fatigue and can be individually configurable from within the machine’s touch screen. A new push-button dashboard with easy-to-read symbols brings the day-to-day functions to hand whilst the removal of the B-pillar offer huge advantages in forward vision and allows the operator almost perfect vision when loading high-sided vehicles.

The new 822 G has been warmly welcomed at Rieger with regular operator Bashkim Holili saying that the improvements in the cab have made his working day a lot easier. Whilst the recycling of wood products plays a pivotal role at the Linz depot, Bashkim is also tasked with handling a variety of other materials tipped at the site. Large quantities of construction materials are delivered on a weekly basis. Once the material is sorted and segregated, it is loaded into bulk trailers for delivery to a variety of recycling plants around the country. Whilst bulk bins are dropped to the ground to allow wood to be squashed down to increase the volumes carries, loading tyres and rubber gaskets into a high-sided tipper means Bashkim utilises the SENNEBOGEN’s high lift cab to the full. “It makes it so much easier and safer for me to load the vehicle. I can easily see where there is additional room to place material and ensure I can fill it to the full capacity every time. The precision from the new levers helps when I have to prise material apart, it gives me much more control compared to my last machine.”

The 822 G is the first arrival from SENNEBOGEN’s Green Line range of material handlers into the Rieger fleet and will remain working with the company for up to 10 years. “We wanted a machine that would allow us a long and productive working life.” Johann Rieger comments: “We see the SENNEBOGEN as the ideal machine to give us this.”