New TEC Heavy-Duty Cranes Set Standards in Power & Precision

Limitless possibilities are what PALFINGER guarantees with its two new heavy-duty cranes: Outreaches of up to 38.7 meters are the result of the global market leader creating new premium heavy-duty cranes for special and high load capacity applications with the PK 1350 TEC and PK 1650 TEC. The entire new TEC range combines maximum outreach, the highest lifting capacity and the greatest precision.

Complex tasks in urban areas and on large construction sites as well as heavier and larger loads require solutions that are smart and powerful. The new PALFINGER PK 1350 TEC and PK 1650 TEC heavy-duty cranes are equipped with the very latest electronic controls and intelligent assistance systems. “As a technology leader, PALFINGER sets industry standards, always with the aim of using smart and connected solutions to improve the way customers work. The heavy-duty cranes in the TEC range are our latest example. Based on decades of experience and working together with customers and operators, we have created a completely new class of crane that combines the best hardware with smart software,” says Andreas Klauser, CEO of PALFINGER.

Higher and higher: PK 1350 TEC and PK 1650 TEC
More challenging structures, higher buildings, maneuvering in limited spaces: the level of precision required by crane operators is constantly increasing. The premium heavy-duty crane PK 1350 TEC – including fly jib – has an outreach of up to 38.7 meters and a lifting capacity of 109.3 meter tons. With the same outreach, the PK 1650 TEC even achieves a lifting capacity of 124.8 meter tons. The intelligent PALTRONIC 180 control electronics and the LX-6 control valve ensure easy maneuverability. That is how TEC heavy-duty cranes provide operators with precise support during each task. A special asset is its dual-circuit hydraulics, which ensure there is never a shortage of hydraulic power. This means that nothing stands in the way of demanding tasks that require several functions at the same time.

Strength meets Innovation
The TEC range sees PALFINGER completely redesign the loader crane, the company’s core product, by combining proven strengths with intelligent technologies. All TEC models can be equipped with Smart Control, the intelligent crane tip control system. It combines the crane movements in the background to achieve the exact position desired. The Memory Position system stores up to four crane positions while the Leveling Assistant can save time by up to 80 percent while adjusting the setup.
“Following the launch of the PK 1350 TEC and the PK 1650 TEC, our TEC range now consists of a total of eleven models. Our modern and intelligent cranes, with load capacities between 23.5 and 124.8 tons, offer our customers a wide range of options for different types of work,” says Gerhard Auer, Global Product Manager Loader Cranes at PALFINGER. Orders can be placed now.

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