New string to their boom

The MH Groundworks team can turn their hand to any sized job. To match the skills of his team, owner and founder Matt Hendy had to build a multi-tasking machine fleet. This search for top-quality equipment opened up a new business opportunity beyond commercial and domestic groundworks.

Since he started his firm 17 years ago, Matt has always thought about how to give more to his customers in Southern Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. Working alongside his son, wife and daughter, Matt’s focus has grown his family-run business to a groundworks team of more than 40 people. He is also running a haulage service of ten lorries. 

Matt’s fleet of lorries, diggers and excavators delivers projects ranging from small extensions and landscapes to developments of up to 50 houses. Needing to perform a variety of tasks again and again, reliability and adaptability are the key features Matt looks for when buying equipment. 

“Being based on the Lizard,” he explains. “It’s not always so easy to get hold of spare parts or arrange machinery repairs. Though I have a fully trained maintenance team, I need equipment that can keep going for as long as possible and, ideally, is supported by a nearby dealer.” 

A key part of this equipment is the Rototilt tiltrotator, four of which are fitted to different machines in Matt’s fleet. Having built a great relationship with Rototilt, Matt got in touch with them to see if his maintenance team could have servicing training. 

As Matt sets out, “We thought we could maybe pick up the service work for Rototilt in the South West. When we met up with the team, the discussion came around as to whether we’d be interested in selling the product too. We haven’t looked back since.” 

Kit that multi-tasks

Matt’s team has to move quickly from one job to another. Their work also demands high levels of precision. From digging drainage to building farm tracks or yards, the Rototilt tiltrotator’s ability to keep working with minimum fuss is why Matt keeps returning to this product.

“We’ve been running Rototilt since 2015,” he adds. “It’s truly a superior product. It has great build quality. We’ve run our models for more than 6000 hours with no problems. In particular, the ported hydraulic system means there are fewer hoses that could leak or break, so repairs are kept at a minimum.” 

The oil-filled rotator housing and large worm gear design are characteristic of the Rototilt range and help their tiltrotators run smoother for longer. The design also allows for easy servicing, meaning better longevity than other designs. 

With the RPS (Rototilt Positioning Solution) alongside a GPS system such as Trimble, I Dig or Topcon, more precise positioning during drainage, landscaping or ditch work is possible. The Return-to-Home setting moves the unit back to its starting angle and position quickly. Making machines more productive and fuel-efficient.

The Pulse function offers several speeds and can be set from the cab. This makes the distribution of material easier and more precise, helping groundworkers save on materials and labour. It also reduces unnecessary machine movement, helping them avoid track wear and save fuel. The Pule and Return-to-Home features are unique to the Rototilt product

As Andy Little, UK Sales Manager for Rototilt, explains, these features bring huge benefits to groundwork teams like Matt’s. In fact any operator! “The Rototilt product means groundworkers can be more productive,” he says. “They help teams make the most of their machines, saving both time and fuel with less track wear. 

From customer to dealer

Having used their tiltrotator models for several years, Matt reached out to the Rototilt team about bringing his servicing in-house. Seeing Matt’s love and experience of the product and knowing his location in the South West region, Andy asked if he’d be interested in representing them as a dealer. 

“Having Matt as part of our dealer network has already brought huge benefits,” Andy states. “He brings a whole new perspective to the team. When we sit down in meetings or he talks to potential customers, Matt can answer so many questions and give specific advice because he’s used the product practically.” 

Having started their partnership with Rototilt at the Royal Cornwall Show back in June, the MH Groundworks team has already sold units to other groundwork, tree surgery, estates and agricultural businesses. Plus, their team of fully-trained fitters can offer their customers 24/7 installation, maintenance and servicing. Meaning businesses in this region can always get the backup they need. 

“We also have machines which people can come and use on our site,” says Matt. “As well as helping them try out the product, I can give my honest opinion and advice on using it. Customers know I wouldn’t be selling the product unless I could personally endorse it. The Rototilt team is also great to work with. For example, they can get parts to us quickly, even in this part of the UK. We’re proud to represent the product and brand.” 

Combining their passions for helping local businesses with better products and services has opened up huge new opportunities for both MH Groundworks and Rototilt. As Andy outlines, “With Matt on our team, we can reach out to Cornish businesses and support them with the backup they need. This means we can help more businesses like MH Groundworks do what they do best.”