New Mechanical Couplers for Bobcat Mini-Excavator Range 

Bobcat has extended the company’s quick coupler portfolio with a full selection of new Mechanical Pin Grabber systems available for the entire Bobcat mini-excavator line-up. They are ideal for use in many applications including construction, rental, roadwork, landscaping and agriculture.

The new mechanical couplers offer increased comfort and productivity, with a single visit design guaranteeing that operators can change between attachments quickly, easily and safely on the jobsite. Coupler systems like this can convert mini-excavators into tool-carriers, enabling the operator to switch between buckets and a wide range of other attachments within minutes, maximizing efficiency and output.

As well as speed and versatility, the reversibility of the new Mechanical Pin Grabber couplers allows operators to work closer to walls or under pipes. Pin-on attachments are also simple to attach, an attractive feature for rental businesses and their customers, increasing the adaptability of machines and the return on investment. 

Thanks to the thoughtful hook shaped engineering design of the coupler, the bucket does not fall when unhooked. A perpendicular lock system ensures there is maximum safety when working with Bobcat mini-excavators.

The proven and tested design offers peace of mind as there are no greasing requirements and very few moving parts with no maintenance requirements (other than a daily inspection), guaranteeing that these are hassle-free couplers. The open and simple design is meant to work in mud – so mud does not get trapped in the system and block the mechanism.

The Mechanical Pin Grabber couplers are manufactured using extra-high-strength steel increasing durability, while optimizing weight and the mini-excavator’s performance.

Product Feature Summary

         Pin-on mount optimized for Bobcat mini-excavators

         Lift eye facilitating lifting objects around the jobsite

         Dedicated pick up dimensions for Bobcat attachments

         Dedicated release tool

         Design allows for reversed bucket pick-up enabling an even wider range of applications

         Built in safety features

         Perpendicular lock for maximum safety

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