New Collision Prediction System Launched By Brigade Electronics

Brigade Electronics has launched Radar Predict – its latest innovative side Blind Spot Information System (BSIS) collision prediction safety technology specifically designed to protect cyclists from incidents with HGVs. 

Even before its launch, this product was already receiving positive feedback during customer trials and has earned expert recognition, being honoured as the ‘Most Innovative Product of the Year’ at the Motor Transport Awards.

Utilising artificial intelligence (AI), Radar Predict alerts the driver about potential collisions by analysing data such as the speed and direction of the vehicle, and cyclists nearby. The system uses its specially designed algorithm to alert drivers when an impact with a cyclist is likely. 

Incidents involving large vehicles, such as HGVs, are far more likely to prove fatal than those involving a car. Many of the collisions between cyclists and HGVs occur because the driver has limited ‘direct vision’ from their cab (the ability to see what is outside the vehicle without using indirect aids, such as mirrors or cameras).

Radar Predict supports HGV driver visibility via a single dual-radar unit, which is fitted to the nearside of the vehicle to provide complete side coverage, including the trailer unit. A trailer discovery mode will detect whether the vehicle is fitted with a trailer and prevents the articulation from causing false alerts. The driver is alerted only if a cyclist enters the detection zone and poses a potential collision risk. The system issues differentiated visual and audible alerts based on the time to collision, providing an initial notification upon detection and escalating to a more urgent warning if it predicts an imminent collision. 

Radar Predict’s key features include:

  • 180-degree cyclist side detection active at speeds below 20mph
  • A detection area of 4.5m x up to 46m
  • Available for left-hand and right-hand applications
  • Compatible with rigid and articulated vehicles
  • Reduces false alerts: only issues alerts when the collision is likely
  • Quick and easy to install (no CAN connection to the vehicle required)
  • Meets UNECE Regulation 151 requirements
  • Complies with DVS PSS requirements
  • Two-year warranty

Thierry Bourgeay, Senior Product Manager at Brigade Electronics, said: 

“Radar Predict has been specifically developed to address the issues caused by blind spots for HGV drivers when manoeuvring in close proximity to cyclists. The system ensures full coverage down the nearside of the vehicle, including the trailer, and greatly reduces false alerts for drivers as it will only activate when a collision is likely. Additionally, Radar Predict will automatically activate when the vehicle is turning, so no indicator selection is required by the driver.”  

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