New Cat® D3 Dozer Joins Historic Rebuilt Fleet at Whitnell Plant

Whitnell Plant, an Essex-based company renowned for its extensive fleet of Cat® machines, has recently added a brand-new Cat® D3 dozer to its lineup. This acquisition, sourced from Finning, the world’s largest dealer of Cat equipment and parts, underscores Whitnell Plant’s enduring commitment to quality and reliability in the construction, heavy equipment, and mining sectors.

For over four decades, Whitnell Plant has trusted Caterpillar machines for their robust build, exceptional fuel efficiency, and remarkable ability to be rebuilt multiple times. This long-standing relationship with Finning has flourished under the stewardship of three generations of the Whitnell family.

Bradley Naish, Territory Account Manager at Finning UK & Ireland, highlights the pivotal role of Caterpillar machines in Whitnell Plant’s operations. “More than half of Whitnell’s fleet, including excavators, dozers, and scrapers, are Caterpillar. Their reliability, superior build quality, and efficient fuel consumption make them ideal for rebuilds, supported by Finning’s comprehensive product support and parts sourcing.”

Naish adds, “Lionel Whitnell, the director, possesses an exceptional knowledge of Cat machines. His team has successfully rebuilt several machines over the years. Their Cat 613C dust suppression unit from 1982 is a testament to their meticulous maintenance, making their fleet appear showroom-new.”

The new D3 dozer replaces an older model, aligning with Whitnell’s structured maintenance regime. Finning collaborates closely with Whitnell’s in-house repair team, ensuring seamless warranty work and parts support. This partnership guarantees that Whitnell’s machines remain in optimal condition, providing reliability and peace of mind to their customers.

Lionel Whitnell emphasizes, “Our machines are meticulously maintained to ensure reliability. Fuel efficiency is critical for our larger machines, and Cat equipment excels in this area due to their productivity. The build quality of Cat machines is evident, which is why we have older models still performing exceptionally well.”

He further praises Finning’s support, particularly the expertise of John Nicoll in parts sourcing. “John’s knowledge and support are invaluable. I can always rely on him to find the certified parts we need, ensuring our machines are always ready for the job.”

For more insights into Cat machines and solutions from Finning UK & Ireland, visit Finning’s Rebuild Services.

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