Mexican Firm Expanding Into Government Sector

Ammann ACM 140 Prime Helps Fuel Growth

It’s a period of growth for Leyca Asfaltos. First, the company’s core business – housing and industrial development – is booming in Mexico.

In addition, Leyca Asfaltos is ready to enter a new business segment: governmental work.

The growth plans have led Leyca Asfaltos to decide to acquire a second Ammann asphalt-mixing plant, an Ammann ACM 140 Prime.

“The private market has experienced a 40% increase, and this second plant will make us competitive as we venture into the public works sector,” said Mario Levya, Director of the company, based in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

The growth is also impacting the company’s paving division. Leyca Asfaltos purchased a second Ammann AFT 600-3 Asphalt Paver, in addition to the Ammann plant.

Expanding the business

Expanding into the public sector is a big step for Leyca Asfaltos.

The company started as an earth-moving business. It then ventured into asphalt production – a move that led to the creation of Leyca Asfaltos. The name of the company was formed by combining the names of the owners, Mario Levya and Juan Carlos Cantu.

The company’s first plant purchase was an Ammann ACM 140 Prime.

It has since added a number of Ammann products to its lineup: an AFT 600-3 Asphalt Paver, an ARX 110 Tandem Roller, and an AP 240 Pneumatic-Tyred Roller.

Moving toward sustainability

Leyca Asfaltos is the first asphalt producer in the state of Nuevo Leon to use natural gas as a fuel.

“It’s mainly about caring for the environment and giving back a better life,” said Leyva. “We are a company that wants to generate value by reducing our emissions in all processes. Using natural gas in our plant guarantees lower emissions.”

Choosing natural gas was a relatively easy decision. “It has low cost, good availability and the low emissions that will help us better conserve our planet,” Leyva said.

Utilising the fuel has been effortless, he said. The next environmental effort might well be using recycled asphalt in Leyca Asfaltos mixes.

The company already processes waste materials for re-use at a later time. That commitment is making projects greener and helping Leyca Asfaltos’ business.

“End customers appreciate our commitment, and it has been the entry card to the government,” Leyva said. “In all government projects, we must disclose the environmental impact and mitigation activities.”

Making quality mix

Sustainability is a good start for a plant, but other goals must also be met. The new plant had to be productive from day one. “The help of the new plant was instantaneous, as we respond very quickly to all our commitments,” Leyva said.

Quality is exceptional, too. “The mix is excellent,” Leyva said. “The recipe we put into the program is always exact to the design and control of the laboratory.”

The plant has not been relocated frequently, though transport is easy. If relocation is necessary in the future, Leyca Asfaltos will be ready.

The company also noted that the plant’s remote assistance is very helpful.

The Paver

The success of the first Ammann plant led Leyca Asfaltos to choose the Ammann AFT 600-3 paver. “The plant gave us such good results that we had confidence to take an additional step with the Ammann brand,“ Leyva said. “The results have been remarkable, and we are now purchasing a second Ammann paver.”

The paver is extremely stable thanks to its tracks and the grip they provide. PaveManager 2.0, advanced control technology that eases the burdens on the operator, is an enormous benefit.

“It is very friendly and practical to use,” Leyva said. “The machine almost works alone. The longitudinal leveling is very friendly. Once it is configured, we leave it on automatic and the paver works alone.”

Quality is so good that it has become a selling point for Leyca Asfaltos. “Our client portfolio is growing day by day because they trust our company and the equipment we have,” Levva said.


Working behind the paver is an Ammann ARX 110 Tandem Roller. “It is a completely modern machine that allows the operator to generate quality compaction,” Leyva said. “Density is reached very efficiently.”

Operators appreciate the machine’s manoeuvrability and visibility, as well as the electric drive lever, which enables smooth starts and stops on the freshly placed asphalt.

Leyva sees the roller as a key component in the successful outcome of the projects. “The joint cutter and compactor make a difference in the finishing. The crab step is an option that provides a lot of manoeuvrability.”

The Ammann AP 240 provides excellent, efficient compaction, Leyva said. It also provides a great finish thanks in part to the air-on-the-run system. “We adjust the pressure so we can provide a better finish,” Leyva said.

The Dealer

Leyca Asfaltos has an exceptional relationship with TMR, the local Ammann Dealer. “TMR is an excellent ally that has always trusted our group of companies,” Leyva said. “It has an excellent sales and support team.”

TMR is the final piece to the puzzle – from asphalt production, to paving, to compaction, to after sales. Leyca Asfaltos uses Ammann products every step of the way and has become so successful that it is expanding into a new sector.DOWNLOADBACK TO ALL