MyMecalac Connected Services telematics now available for site dumpers

Mecalac Construction Equipment UK has announced the international roll-out of state-of-the-art telematics connectivity across its site dumper portfolio. The latest models can now be equipped with MyMecalac Connected Services, either as an option from the factory or as a retrofit kit.

Helping operators to minimise downtime and optimise productivity through real-time equipment data, MyMecalacConnected Services telematics provides a smart solution to enable remote fleet management. From insight into fuel consumption and productivity, to service reminders, maintenance alerts, remote diagnostics and geofencing capability, the innovative solution keeps fleets running at full speed and full efficiency.

Comprising an in-depth web portal and handy mobile app, the service solves a number of industry pain points. It spotlights machines in need of immediate care and allows technicians to stay one step ahead of potential breakdowns. 

Mark Royse, Head of Sales at Mecalac Construction Equipment UK, commented: “MyMecalac Connected Services provides owners and operators with an incredibly powerful tool to manage their machines. Rolling out the state-of-the-art solution across our site dumper portfolios will help construction professionals to further increase equipment uptime and maximise productivity.”

Alongside telematics capability, MyMecalac Connected Services also includes a start-up digicode unit. Effectively an immobiliser keypad, the device requires operators to enter a specific code before starting the engine. With the ability to assign a specific code to each user, change codes at and time and programme expiration parameters, the digicode provides complete control of machine access.

Royse added: “With equipment security paramount, especially for hire fleets, the inclusion of our start-up digicode system ensures complete peace-of-mind. At Mecalac, we are streamlining the ownership experience and bringing game-changing technology to our world-leading site dumpers.”

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