Lüscher Gartenbau-Baumschulen AG: Blending Japanese Horticulture and Advanced Yanmar Compact Equipment

Based just west of Zurich, Swiss horticultural powerhouse Lüscher Gartenbau-Baumschulen AG has been transforming landscapes since 1956. From intimate house gardens to sprawling parks, their comprehensive approach to garden and landscape design is unparalleled. A critical part of their success? The robust, reliable machinery from Yanmar Compact Equipment.

Managing Director Hanspeter Lüscher is an ardent advocate of Japanese technology, particularly the high-performance engines produced by Yanmar. “I’m a big fan of Japanese technology and Yanmar engines – they are known for their durability and performance,” Lüscher explains.

Lüscher’s passion for Japanese culture began in the late 90s when he spent a year in Tokyo mastering the ancient art of Japanese gardening. “The Japanese see beauty in the used, imperfect, and in the simplicity of architecture. At the same time, they are extremely progressive when it comes to technology. That inspired me,” he says.

With 70 employees, Lüscher Gartenbau-Baumschulen AG is one of Switzerland’s largest family-run horticultural firms. Their unique integration of horticulture and tree nursery cultivation is evident, with over 4,000 plant species grown in-house. “The Swiss attach great importance to beautiful gardens,” Lüscher states. “I always like to incorporate natural elements from Japanese garden design such as stones, water, plants, wood, and sand, which create a harmonious, balanced landscape, into my work here.”

The company is heavily involved in the Zurich region, with the Lewa Savannah project at Zurich Zoo being a notable highlight. This 5.6-hectare enclosure is home to a variety of animals, including rhinos, giraffes, and zebras. To maintain this vast area, the right machinery is essential, and Lüscher relies on the innovative wheel loaders from Yanmar.

“The new V7-HW wheel loader is particularly popular with our employees – an absolutely unique machine whose combination of easy handling, intelligent safety features paired with operator comfort, high payload, and outstanding performance is unrivaled worldwide,” Lüscher notes.

Initially, Lüscher intended to retrofit his older machines with Yanmar engines. However, after using the new V7-HW wheel loader provided by his trusted dealer RUBAG, he recognized the significant advancements in technology. “What my drivers like best is the perfect all-round visibility of the driver’s cab, which is particularly useful on narrow terrain. Additionally, the V7-HW hardly swings out at the rear, its shear point is significantly lower, making it more stable. This results in less damage and fewer accidents. And the low height is simply ideal for transport. So I abandoned my initial plan and ordered two new Yanmar V7-HW wheel loaders directly from RUBAG,” says Lüscher.

The Future of Landscaping with Yanmar

Looking ahead, Lüscher Gartenbau-Baumschulen AG plans to integrate the new fully electric Yanmar V8e wheel loader into their operations. This machine promises a powerful blend of performance and sustainability, meeting the highest standards of modern construction environments. “Environmental protection is a major issue in our industry. Digitalization, innovations such as e-mobility, and more efficient engines are becoming increasingly important. Megatrends such as biodiversity in cities are shaping our business. We are prepared for this and need the best, most sustainable machines. Yanmar is the ideal choice for us here,” Lüscher asserts.

The new V8e will be utilized at Lüscher’s transshipment center, while the V7-HW skid steer loaders continue to play a pivotal role in their sustainability efforts. “Every year, 600 new trees are planted with their help,” Lüscher proudly states. “Together, they bind around 9.42 tonnes of CO2 per year, which is roughly equivalent to the annual consumption of a two-person household in Switzerland.”

For more information on the advanced machinery that powers Lüscher Gartenbau-Baumschulen AG, visit Yanmar Compact Equipment.

This feature highlights the synergy between Swiss horticultural excellence and Japanese technological innovation, showcasing the pivotal role of Yanmar Compact Equipment in Lüscher Gartenbau-Baumschulen AG’s operations.

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