John Deere Introduces Advanced P-Tier Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Track Loaders

In a significant expansion of its compact equipment line-up, John Deere has launched five new P-Tier Skid Steer Loader (SSL) and Compact Track Loader (CTL) models. The introduction includes the 330 and 334 P-Tier SSLs and the 331, 333, and 335 P-Tier CTLs. These models feature a revolutionary one-piece cab design, enhanced technological features, and increased operating power. Alongside these machines, John Deere also rolled out three innovative attachments, including the MK76 and MH72D mulching heads and the CP40G cold planer.

Enhanced Operator Experience with New Cab Design

The P-Tier models prioritize operator comfort with a fully redesigned, sealed, and pressurized operator station. The spacious cab reduces noise and provides protection from the elements. The eight-inch premium touchscreen display, standard on the 334 and 335 models, offers improved insight and customization of machine settings. This display integrates hands-free Bluetooth capabilities, enhancing communication and operational efficiency.

SmartGrade™ Technology for Precision

The 333 and 335 P-Tier CTLs are equipped with SmartGrade Ready technology, featuring 2D grade control or 3D SmartGrade with Topcon. This technology boosts productivity by providing precise grading solutions, making these models ideal for construction and mining applications. The onboard diagnostics and optimized joystick controllers further enhance operator control and machine performance.

Innovative Attachments for Expanded Capabilities

John Deere’s new attachment offerings, including the CP40G Cold Planer and MK76 and MH72D Mulching Heads, significantly enhance job site capabilities. The CP40G Cold Planer, powered by Wirtgen Group technology, offers in-cab controls and easy pick replacement, ensuring uptime and job accuracy. The MK76 and MH72D Mulching Heads are designed for dense vegetation, providing efficient land clearing solutions.

Advanced Features for Increased Productivity

The P-Tier models come with Attachment Manager and Surround View technologies. Attachment Manager optimizes attachment performance by enabling preprogrammed flow and pressure settings, enhancing productivity and preventing damage. Surround View technology offers a 270-degree view around the machine, increasing situational awareness and operator confidence on job sites.

John Deere Operations Center Integration

All large-frame CTL and SSL models include the John Deere Operations Center™, enabling fleet managers to monitor machine location, fuel usage, and other key metrics. This integration streamlines maintenance and repairs, reducing downtime and improving overall fleet efficiency.

Quick-Tatch™ System and Serviceability Enhancements

The updated Quick-Tatch™ system allows for seamless attachment changes, reducing downtime and increasing job site efficiency. The new cab design provides ground-level access to the engine, drivetrain, and undercarriage, simplifying maintenance tasks.

For more information on John Deere’s latest P-Tier models and attachments, visit John Deere’s official website.

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For additional details on John Deere’s P-Tier models and attachments, contact your local John Deere dealer or visit John Deere’s official website.