The new HX145A LCR crawler excavator has been chosen to construct a major road junction in Tuscany by site management and roadworks construction specialists Berti Sisto from Firenzuola.

Operating in Florence since 1962, Berti Sisto & C. Lavori Stradali has worked on a huge range of major projects in Tuscany including the construction and maintenance of roads, motorways, port areas such as Pisa airport, bridges, viaducts and gas pipelines, as well as numerous river and reclamation projects. 

In addition to its vast experience in the highways sector, Berti Sisto is also known for its high-quality and up-to-date machine fleet, supplied through Toscomeccanica, the official Hyundai distributor in Tuscany.

“Our collaboration with Toscomeccanica arose from our need to renew our machine fleet and the careful evaluation of what was available on the market. Gabriele Papi, Sales Manager for the Hyundai dealer, recommended four models including the HX145A LCR excavator, which immediately won us over with its features and its optimal quality to price ratio. Support and after-sales service undoubtedly played a part in sealing the deal,” explains Nicoletta Berti, one of the owners of the Tuscan company. 

“In addition to providing technical and commercial support, we’ve also acted as consultants for Berti Sisto, helping them to access tax benefits and to expand their fleet that already includes other Hyundai models, such as the HX210A NL, HW 140 excavators both with full optional two-piece booms, the HX145A LCR model, which is currently in use at the Matassino Sr69 Deviation site, and soon the new HL970A wheel loader”, says Gabriele Papi, Sales Manager of Toscomeccanica.

Characterised by a new, short tail swing exterior design, additional safety features and simplified maintenance, the HX145A LCR is part of the new generation of Hyundai’s HX series compact crawler excavators, specifically developed to operate in constrained spaces, such as the laying of urban distribution networks, roadworks and building construction, offering maximum productivity and reliability.

The new Hyundai excavator has been put to work on the road project of Deviation Sr69 in Matassino, in particular Lot 5, located between the Incisa Valdarno and Matassino motorway exits. The project involves expanding the current route and constructing a new bridge and a new junction which started construction in 2020, was temporarily suspended and then resumed in spring 2022. Currently, the Hyundai HX145A LCR excavator is being used to dig foundations for the construction of a temporary Bailey bridge needed to bypass the current road network and allow the construction of the new permanent bridge planned in the project. 

Why the HX145A LCR?

The machine has a versatile structure with zero tail swing, and the model supplied to Berti Sisto is a high specification, complete with all optional features. It is equipped with a stabiliser blade, two-piece boom and includes every additional system –the hammer-plier system, rotation system and quick coupling. 

“In terms of hydraulics, the HX145A LCR excavator offers high precision and the ability to adjust the machine’s movements according to the differing work requirements of the operator. This model is able to manage more than one working standard in its automatic memory and, at our customer’s request, our support service can calibrate the speed, force and response of the joystick. 

“In terms of versatility, the HX145A LCR is a real jack of all trades, as it offers great stability in loading and lifting due to its well-positioned centre of gravity. Another advantage is its reduced fuel consumption, also guaranteed by the Stage V engine and the efficient hydraulic system which allows the machine to work at a low rpm,” explains Gabriele Papi, Sales Manager of Toscomeccanica. 

Having been put to work at the Matassino construction site, the HX145A LCR excavator has already had an opportunity to display its full versatility and operating efficiency, yielding remarkable productivity that places it at the top of its class. 

It’s undoubtedly an exceptional machine, able to offer even more than its already impressive performance data would suggest,” says the company’s foreman, Rudi Noferini. “The excavator is extremely comfortable for the operator thanks to its spacious, comfortable cab which also offers excellent visibility, as well as being particularly quiet. The controls are ergonomic and intuitive, and the possibility of calibrating the response means you can always achieve the right feeling with the machine. Once at work, the HX145A LCR is fast but always easy to control, with astonishing stability for a machine of this size. These two features allow it to perform precision work with ease, while at the same time, when necessary, carrying out movements and excavations of large volumes without any difficulties”. 

To find out more about the HX145A LCR click here https://www.hyundai-ce.eu/en/products/excavators/crawler-excavators/hx145a-lcr

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