Hillhouse Quarry Group Boosts Efficiency with New Cat® Machines from Finning

In a strategic move to enhance production and fuel efficiency, Hillhouse Quarry Group, one of Scotland’s premier suppliers of quarry materials, has invested in three state-of-the-art Cat® machines. This investment follows a comprehensive fleet production study by Finning UK & Ireland, aiming to optimize operations at the Troon quarry site.

Hillhouse Quarry Group has enjoyed a robust relationship with Finning for over 25 years, relying on a diverse fleet of Cat® equipment, including wheel loaders, excavators, and off-highway trucks. The latest additions to their fleet are two Cat 772G trucks and a 95-tonne Cat 395 excavator, designed to accelerate cycle times from quarry face to crusher.

John Stuart, Territory Account Manager at Finning, the world’s largest Cat® equipment dealer, remarked, “Hillhouse Quarry Group sought to boost productivity in their operations. With their proactive fleet management approach, we saw an opportunity to enhance their equipment lineup when their existing Cat 390 excavator required replacement.”

Stuart continued, “We recommended substituting their larger Cat 775 dump truck with two smaller Cat 772G models. This adjustment has not only increased unloading speed and maneuverability but also reduced congestion at the crusher. Consequently, they are now experiencing reduced fuel consumption, leading to financial and environmental benefits.”

Given the demanding conditions of the Troon quarry, the new excavator is equipped with a severe duty bucket and screen guard. The Cat 772G trucks feature a heavy-duty specification, including steel liners. These trucks, besides being more efficient, emit up to 17% less CO2 than previous models and have an enhanced traction control system to boost performance and productivity.

All newly supplied equipment comes with a comprehensive five-year warranty from Finning, which includes remote asset monitoring to detect maintenance needs between regular service intervals, thereby minimizing costly downtime.

Stuart added, “Our team of Cat certified engineers is readily available near Troon, ensuring daily support for Hillhouse Quarry Group. With our Glasgow branch open six days a week, we offer robust backup for parts and services, extending our support network across central Scotland and beyond through our branches in Inverness and Aberdeen.”

Alistair McGowan, Operations Director at Hillhouse Group, emphasized the durability of Cat® machines and the invaluable support from Finning. “We’ve always preferred Cat machines for their reliability, efficiency, and advanced technology. The continuous support from Finning is crucial for our operations, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.”

McGowan further noted, “The new machines represent a significant advancement over our older equipment, offering substantial benefits to our operators. As prime movers in our quarry, these Cat machines are vital to our production capabilities.”

For more details on Cat machines and solutions from Finning UK & Ireland, visit www.finning.com/en_GB.

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