The Hidromek 230LC Excavator is Revolutionizing the Heavy Equipment

Hidromek 230LC Excavator: A Game-Changer for Construction and Earthmoving

A New Favorite in Heavy Machinery

When John Doherty climbed into the cab of the new H4 Series Hidromek 230LC excavator, it didn’t take long for him to realize this machine was a cut above the rest. After a week-long trial, courtesy of Blue Machinery (Southern) Ltd, John knew this was the excavator for him.

John Doherty’s Journey with Heavy Equipment

Having established J Doherty Plant Hire several years ago, John brought over 20 years of industry experience to his decision. His first excavator, a JCB140, marked the start of a journey through various leading brands, but his introduction to Hidromek has been particularly noteworthy.

Blue Machinery’s Role in Introducing Hidromek

Blue Machinery (Southern) Ltd, appointed by Hidromek last October, oversees the sales, service, and aftermarket care for the Turkish manufacturer’s full range of products across southern UK. Although Hidromek is relatively new to the UK market, its machines operate in over 100 countries on six continents, serving sectors such as construction, demolition, quarrying, landscaping, and recycling. The brand’s innovative technology and robust design have earned multiple global awards for both performance and design.

Growing Interest in the Hidromek Brand

Lyndon Head, Regional Sales Manager for Blue Machinery (Southern), highlights the significant interest generated by adding Hidromek to their portfolio. “With its competitive pricing, strong build quality, low center of gravity, and exceptional stability, the Hidromek 230LC is set to make a significant impact on the market,” he says.

Real-World Testing at a Somerset Quarry

Awesome Earthmovers caught up with Lyndon and John at a new housing development in a disused quarry near Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. John was using the Hidromek 230LC with various attachments, performing diverse tasks. “This was the first live demonstration of the H4 Series Hidromek 230LC,” says Lyndon, “and it impressed John to the point of wanting to invest in the brand.”

Features that Stand Out

John adds, “The machine’s powerful performance and excellent fuel economy are remarkable. It’s competitively priced, offering great value for money.”

The Hidromek 230LC boasts a comfortable cab with a heated, air-suspended seat, adjustable backrest, and proportional control pedals and joysticks. An 8-inch touch control panel provides easy access to machine information like fuel consumption and hydraulic pump pressure. The panel also allows the operator to adjust attachment flow without leaving the cab.

Prioritizing Operator Safety

Safety is a top priority in the H4 Series, with features like side and rear cameras, a two-piece windshield wiper system, and numerous LED headlights for enhanced night vision. Maintenance is streamlined with fast access to hydraulic and engine equipment, and an automatic greasing system ensures comprehensive lubrication.

Versatility with Various Attachments

John has been utilizing various attachments on the Hidromek, including different buckets and a Rammer breaker for tough rock excavation. “The Rammer breaker was well matched to the Hidromek and handled hard rock with ease,” he notes.

Exceptional Service and Support from Blue Machinery Southern

A key factor in John’s decision to continue working with Blue Machinery Southern is their exceptional service and support. “Their prompt responses and the high quality of service have been invaluable to my business,” he says. “My relationship with Lyndon Head has been instrumental in my company’s growth.”

For more information about the Hidromek 230LC and other products, visit Blue Machinery (Southern) Ltd.

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