Hammerglass seals partnership with Amy “The Digger Girl”

On its journey towards better driver safety within the construction business, Swedish company Hammerglass secures Amy Underwood, known on social media as “The Digger Girl”, as an ambassador for its seriously solid glass-like solutions.

“We want every machine operator to come home safe after work.” That´s one of the more well-known mantras of Hammerglass and the company has come a long way already on its mission to change the mindset in an industry that is most familiar with windows made of ordinary glass, sometimes “obstructed” by metal grids.

“To be honest, I don´t think operators are aware of their rights to be fully protected. They just hop in the machine they are given. So the work Hammerglass is doing is really important”, says Amy.

Hammerglass´s Swedish team met the social media star in her work surroundings near Oban, Scotland, and equipped her Hyundai 13 tonne excavator with a safer screen option than the one she had before. When she tested the difference between the two solutions in practise it was a real eye opener.

– I threw a rock at the old screen and it just… shattered. When I threw a rock at Hammerglass nothing happened, the rock bounced back. In fact, the rock splintered into two pieces! It made me think about having nothing but a glass window between myself and a bit of shrapnel coming towards me. I am grateful to be in a position where I get to learn more about safety choices, and to meet the Hammerglass team who are truly engaged in what they do.

For Hammerglass, Amy is a perfect “travel companion” since many of her followers are machine operators:

“We are working hard to reach machine owners and safety managers, the ones that have the responsibility for keeping drivers safe and for making the right safety choices for them, but we also wish to speak directly to the operators. When operators know that their employer needs to do a proper risk analysis from testings and certifications, that show what kind of safety screen they need, they will choose companies that live up to this. And that kind of awareness will make a difference”, says Katarina Danielsson, PR and Content Creator at Hammerglass. 

Watch Amy do the test: