Hammerglass says “Enough!” to vandalism and break-ins.

It´s no secret that the construction business is suffering from vandals crushing machine windows, or thieves doing break-ins in the cabins. The Swedish safety screen manufacturer Hammerglass takes a stand against it.

When thinking of Hammerglass you associate it with high performance safety screens, designed to keep machine operators safe in all types of work environments and to save the machine owner from unnecessary stand stills due to broken glass. That´s all good, but Hammerglass comes with another advantage that many buyers don´t think of.

– A Hammerglass screen is burglar-proof, you won´t get a break-in in your machine. You won´t get a cracked window either if the vandals are having their “fun” with stones or bricks at night. There is a reason that Hammerglass also provides safety windows for the property business, all the way from schools with vandalism problems to police stations and other high-risk buildings with need for a protection that holds for gun shots and explosions. This is something to consider when 1 out of 5 construction sites claims that they are experiencing thefts and vandalism, says Florian Lauterbach.

Hammerglass has even designed a vandal-proof bus shelter, that start saving money on high-risk sites from the first day it is placed there. It holds for kicking, bats, crow bars, air guns and whatever other creative things the vandals can think of. Florian continues:

– Hammerglass has a wide range of products in its portfolio, but the core is the same for all of them: the high-quality material combined with our own construction skills. With Hammerglass you don´t have to worry about what happens at night with your machine and we would love to be part of the efforts that puts an end to these frustrating crimes at construction sites.

Do you have questions on Hammerglass and vandalism/break-ins? 

Florian Lauterbach, Director Hammerglass Automotive: e-mail florian.lauterbach@hammerglass.se Phone +46 (0)70 630 6550