Hammerglass in collaboration with Volvo North America

Volvo offer their North American resellers a premium package consisting of 28 brands that they can offer their customers. One of these brands is Hammerglass AB, Båstad, who believes this is a great opportunity to spread knowledge about driver-safe machine screens on a market that is usually hard to reach.

– Of course, it is great that Swedish innovation and entrepreneurial spirit get to take place, and apart from us Trelleborg AB is also part of the package. For

us, the recommendations from Swedish customers were the basis of why

Volvo chose Hammerglass, and that is the greatest praise we can get. Our rigorous testing of screens, clear safety classifications and approved certificates make us stand out in the crowd. We are not yet that well known in the US, but thanks to Volvo’s “Extended Offer Program” we will have an easier way into the usually hard-to-reach market. It is simply a golden opportunity for us to spread the knowledge about our solutions and focus on driver safety, says Fredrik Gustavsson, Customer Service manager.

Customer praise from Alabama

Blake Walker at Cowing Equipment Company in Alabama is a Volvo reseller and had not heard about Hammerglass before, but after selling some screens marked with the red hammer to multiple of their customers and receiving their response, he is more than satisfied:

  • Hammerglass is a reliable product with high quality. I feel a great trust in selling it to my customers since it holds up against wear and tear and prevents injuries in their work environment. Currently I have two customers that use Hammerglass in several of their machines and except of keeping downtime to a minimum, the drivers are staying safe.

Hammerglass wants to act as a safety ambassador for machine drivers, do you think the time is right for the American market?

  • Absolutely. The personal safety should always come first.

Fredrik Gustavsson is feeling optimistic regarding the future in the US, but at the same time he sees some challenges:

  • When we met the resellers at an event held by Volvo in Memphis, we got a lot of attention – but most people were interested in solutions that reduce the risk of glass breakage. And yes, Hammerglass’ products reduce that risk, but our main focus will always be on the driver safety. In this context, the fact that the glass breakage goes away is just a bonus.
  • Another challenge is the fact that a lot of people have prejudices against polycarbonate and are skeptical about opting out the grid, but when they see our tests and certificates, I believe that fear can be conquered. Glass breakage that happens because of flying sharp objects is common in the US,

for example there are a lot of recycling companies that deal with metal parts. These parts are often small enough to go through the grid and hit the screen, but this is where our grid free FOPS tested RABS solution can make a difference.

For questions or more information about Hammerglass AB, contact:

Fredrik Gustavsson, Customer Service manager, Phone: +46 (0)703 87 77 78, fredrik.gustavsson@hammerglass.se

Florian Lauterbach, Business Area manager Hammerglass Automotive, Phone:

+46 (0)70 630 6550, florian.lauterbach@hammerglass.se