Fuchs & ZenRobotics Show Collaborative Scrap Recycling Solutions at ISRI 2024 

Fuchs®, manufacturer of specialized material handling equipment, and ZenRobotics®, a leader in robotic sorting systems, made their collaborative exhibition debut at the prestigious ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries) event this week, from April 15th to 18th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Fuchs and ZenRobotics booth provided an opportunity for customers to learn how the Terex brands offer a suite of waste management solutions that enhance productivity and resource optimization.

“Our exhibition was not just about showcasing individual products from Fuchs and ZenRobotics—it was about unlocking the full potential of waste management solutions,” said Andreas W. Ernst, General Manager of Material Handling and Lifting for Terex North America. “By combining our expertise, we offer comprehensive solutions that streamline operations and minimize environmental footprint.”

On display was the MHL350 F material handler—renowned for its exceptional speed and sensitivity in loading, alongside the ZenRobotics Heavy Picker gripper. With an operating weight of up to 35.5 tons, a reach of up to 16 meters, and 3-meter undercarriage width, the MHL350 F offers a particularly secure stand during scrap handling operations. Equipped with efficient drives, exceptional service friendliness, and intelligent telematics services, the MHL350 F also delivers high performance and safety standards tailored for scrap yards.

Complementing this, the ZenRobotics Heavy Picker gripper, an integral part of their AI- powered sorting system, facilitates the lifting of materials up to 88 lbs (40 kg), streamlining sorting processes down the line, while enhancing safety, accuracy, and profitability.

“Within Terex, we foster a culture of collaboration across our brands to fuel innovation,” explains Marcel Vallen, Regional Sales Manager at ZenRobotics. “By partnering with Fuchs for ISRI, ZenRobotics harnesses our collective strengths to provide customers with tailored solutions that bolster various aspects of their waste management endeavors.”

Fuchs and ZenRobotics combined presence at ISRI represent strategic collaboration, leveraging their respective strengths to demonstrate their ability to meet the evolving needs of customers in the dynamic scrap recycling sector.

For more information on www.terex.com/fuchs/en/ or www.terex.com/zenrobotics