Firstgreen Open day in Chile

FIRSTGREEN Industries is thrilled to announce the triumphant open day event hosted by our esteemed partner, MPM Green, in Chile. This event showcased the introduction of our ground-breaking fully electric, zero-emission, remotely operated skid steer loader, catering to the diverse needs of the mining, construction, and related sectors.

Gathering an audience of over 120 attendees, including industry professionals and stakeholders, the event highlighted our commitment to pioneering innovation and sustainability in machinery solutions for mining, construction, and other vital sectors. Eminent leaders from our top management presented the unparalleled capabilities and advanced features of our machines, setting a new standard for efficiency and environmental responsibility.

“This collaboration with MPM Green marks a significant stride towards revolutionizing machinery solutions in Chile’s mining and construction sectors,” commented Vaclav Audes, Co-owner of FIRSTGREEN Industries. “Our innovative technology is poised to bring substantial advancements and transformative changes across these critical industries.”

The event’s success underscored the shared vision of both MPM Green and FIRSTGREEN industries in driving forward sustainable practices while delivering exceptional performance and reliability across various industrial sectors.

With a shared dedication to promoting eco-conscious solutions, MPM Green’s alignment with FIRSTGREEN’s innovative ethos presents an opportunity to usher in a new era of environmentally friendly and high-performing machinery.

We extend our sincere appreciation to all attendees, partners, and stakeholders for their unwavering support and enthusiasm.