First Doosan DL420-7 Wheel Loaders in Germany Enter Service

Ottenbüttler Sand Gesellschaft mbH of Dammfleth has taken delivery of the first two Doosan DL420-7 wheel loaders in Germany. According to Ottenbüttler Sand Managing Director, Jonny Peters, the new DL-7 machines compare very well against their DL420-5 predecessor, one of which is still in service at the company. He says: “The new generation machines represent a clear improvement in several areas, providing very high performance and excellent driving comfort that more than matches the other top brands.”

Productive in the Sand Pits

The two new DL420-7s are currently in use in the company’s sand pits at Ottenbühl and Peissen, where they are used to extract fill sand and process it into different grain size groups by dry screening. 

“The previous DL-5 wheel loaders from Doosan offered outstanding performance in the sand pits with low fuel consumption. We are getting the same or better output with the new machines, with the ergonomics for the operator and the driving comfort being taken to new levels,” explains Jonny Peters. 

The two wheel loaders are in operation in the sand pits for around ten hours a day. Their main tasks involve removal of material direct from the walls of the pits, feeding the screening plant and then loading the graded sand onto the trucks. The machines are also used in construction waste recycling.

Jonny Peters adds: “We are very satisfied with the machines and the drivers are enjoying working with the DL420-7s.“ One of the drivers adds that the new DL420-7 model always offers excellent traction thanks to its automatic limited slip differential. This is particularly evident in the fact that none of the wheels slip when pushing the standard 4.5 mbucket into the sand faces. The DL420-7 wheel loader also climbs the steep inclines effortlessly owing to its torque converter lock-up system.

Pre-series Machine Tested for Two Months

Before Jonny Peters ordered the wheel loaders from his dealer, Atlas Hamburg, he had the opportunity to test a pre-series DL420-7 model in a sand pit for two months. During this period, the wheel loader operators were able to try out the Doosan machine extensively. All agreed that the DL420-7 is exactly the right machine for use in the sand pit, so the first was ordered from Atlas Hamburg at the same time as the test machine was returned. 

Powerful and Clean

The DL420-7 is powered by the new Scania DC13 Stage V 6-cylinder engine producing 257 kW (345 HP) of power at 1800 rpm and providing an impressive maximum torque of 2196 Nm at 1100 rpm. 

The new engine meets Stage V emission regulations without the need for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), through the use of selective catalyst reduction, diesel oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter (DPF) after-treatment technologies. The ash cleaning cycle on the DPF has been improved to over 6000 h and the operator is fully informed about the status of the DPF via a soot level indicator on the new 8 inch touch screen display in the cab.

Equipped for Comfort

A major feature of Doosan DL-7 wheel loaders is the completely redesigned cab. The latter offers greatly improved visibility, the use of touchscreen displays and much more space for the driver. In addition, the new EMCV (Electric Main Control Valve) joystick fully integrated in the armrest is another standard feature in the cab, providing the operator with smoother and precise controllability of the wheel loader. The wheel loaders at Ottenbüttler Sand are also equipped with a full light package and a compressor for cleaning the cab.

Trusted Dealer Relationship

Ottenbüttler Sand has been relying on Doosan machines for more than ten years, all of which he has purchased from the dealer, Atlas Hamburg, from the very beginning. Jonny Peters says: “With Atlas Hamburg, we have a top local dealer we can always rely on. We also use machines from other manufacturers, but we mainly rely on Doosan for our machinery fleet.” In addition to the DL-7 and DL-5 wheel loaders, Ottenbüttler Sand currently has Doosan DX255LC-5 and DX180LC-5 HT excavators, a DX19 compact excavator and another DL250 wheel loader in operation. 

Atlas Hamburg is part of the von der Wehl Group of Companies

Atlas Hamburg is part of the von der Wehl group of companies, as are Atlas von der Wehl GmbH, BLS Bau- und Landmaschinen Service and Westphal Baumaschinen GmbH. The von der Wehl group of companies has its origins in Atlas von der Wehl GmbH, founded in 1965. Now in its third generation, four employees have become more than 200, one location has become four covering the whole of northern Germany and grown into a comprehensive rental and construction machinery sales business.