Fleet Mobility and Productivity with Sleipner DB Series Lowbed Trailers

In the construction, mining, and heavy equipment industries, the ability to move machinery efficiently is crucial. Sleipner, a Finnish-based manufacturer, has revolutionized fleet mobility with their rugged yet agile DB Series lowbed trailers. These trailers dramatically improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the life of your machinery.

A Legacy of Reliability and Durability

Sleipner’s journey began in 1996 with the creation of robust, easy-to-use dollies for heavy excavators. Today, their product line includes a range of heavy-duty, highly maneuverable lowbed trailers designed for various excavators and heavy machinery. The DB Series trailers, such as the compact DB45, are engineered to navigate rough terrain and tight spaces, transporting equipment like surface drills and bulldozers weighing up to 45 tonnes. Larger models, like the DB80 and DB130, can handle payloads of 80 and 130 tonnes respectively.

Cutting-Edge Engineering for Extreme Conditions

The newly launched DB45 lowbed trailer is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +50°C. Crafted with high-quality materials and components, it ensures reliable performance in the harshest environments. Already in use in Northern Finland’s snowy conditions, the DB45 has received positive feedback from its first users.

Teijo Höylä, Chief Technical Officer at Sleipner, explains, “Our DB-models are developed based on customer feedback. For instance, we introduced the narrower DB130 model and the slightly smaller DB80 model to meet specific needs, making them more suitable for use on narrower roads.”

Superior Maneuverability and Safety

The Sleipner DB Series boasts a small turning radius for agility in crowded quarries and excellent ground clearance with large wheels. Reliable braking systems and an on-board display unit for controlling functions ensure safety. The wheel gauge of the DB Series provides unmatched stability, preventing overturning even on uneven ground. Railings and steps offer operators safe access to the trailer deck.

Versatile and Efficient Loading

The DB45 trailer can be detached from a towing unit, typically an articulated dump truck (ADT), providing unmatched flexibility. The ADT’s hydraulics tilt the bed, allowing quick and safe loading of machinery. Installation kits for towing hitches are available for all common ADT brands, facilitating easy setup.

Höylä adds, “The DB45 offroad trailer accesses places previously unreachable by heavy machinery. With ADTs’ six-wheel drive, they navigate difficult terrain effortlessly. The DB45’s large wheels significantly enhance mobility compared to traditional road trailers.”

Applications and Environmental Benefits

The DB45 lowbed trailer is ideal for short transfers, offering speed and safety in loading. Its agility is beneficial in mines and quarries, major earthmoving operations, and large infrastructure projects like dams, airports, railways, and pipelines. Using Sleipner DB Series trailers extends undercarriage life, reduces excessive wear, and lowers fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Less Downtime, More Productivity

Sleipner’s lowbed trailers require less maintenance than traditional road trailers. Their mobility allows machinery to be serviced in workshops rather than in the field, reducing downtime. The DB Series features full remote control and telemetry, enabling rapid response to faults and remote software updates without site visits.

For more information about Sleipner DB Series trailers, visit Sleipner direct.

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