Doosan Stand at Bauma ‘Powered by Innovation’ 

Under the ‘Powered by Innovation’ banner, the Doosan stand at Bauma 2022 highlights a number of new leading-edge products and services that deliver added value to customers through innovation. In doing so, the Doosan Bauma stand also reflects the company’s ongoing transformation from an equipment manufacturer into a provider of innovative solutions.

The innovations being premiered on the Doosan stand include:

  • XiteCloud ‘All-in-One Platform’ for Smart Construction
  • The World’s First ‘Transparent Bucket’ System in Operation
  • Teleoperation of DX225LC-7X ‘Smart’ Crawler Excavator 
  • Next Generation DoosanCONNECTTM App

Manage Multiple Tasks on a Single Platform

One of the most important features of the Doosan stand at Bauma is the dedicated Innovation Center, where the company will unveil the new generation XiteCloud ‘All-in-One Platform’ for Smart Construction. In 2019 in South Korea, Doosan introduced Concept-X, the world’s first unmanned automated and integrated control solution for construction, quarrying and mining sites. XiteCloud is the first stage in commercialising Concept-X. 

Visitors to Bauma can see the latest developments in the XiteCloud system, as the company further expands its business portfolio into the field of construction site management, to complement its existing operations in manufacturing and sales of construction equipment.

With XiteCloud, a customer can manage multiple tasks such as surveys, terrain analysis, machine purchases, equipment operation and construction management on a single platform, thereby reducing construction costs and saving time, while increasing work accuracy, which in turn raises productivity. XiteCloud also allows customers to manage multiple projects on a single platform, accumulating and managing data that can be utilized for future decision making/business.

At Bauma 2022, visitors to the Innovation Center on the Doosan stand will be able to see the new All-in-One Platform for smart construction, based around the XiteCloud system. The All-in-One Platform introduces a range of new solutions that form part of the XiteCloud system, all of which will be demonstrated at Bauma, covering many aspects of construction management, including: 

  • XiteCore
  • XiteFleet
  • XiteAuto
  • XiteAnalyst
  • XiteSafety
  • XiteSIM

As suggested by its name, XiteCore is a Cloud-based open integrated dashboard system that connects all of the XiteCloud solutions, providing the information needed to carry out a construction project and enables easy project management and control at a glance. 

This system provides opportunities for collaboration/communication among project participants with an open platform that adopts an applied card-type interface that allows the user to set the dashboard flexibly according to the particular characteristics of the project (card type, location, size, etc.) It also incorporates real-time monitoring of weather, manpower, equipment, instruments, CCTV and other aspects, together with connection to the other solutions within XiteCloud such as XiteFleet, XiteAuto, XiteAnalyst and so on.

XiteFleet provides real-time fleet monitoring with location tracking and operation monitoring. XiteAuto commercializes the current and future technology that Doosan is developing from 3D machine guidance to automation. XiteAnalyst is a digital twin-based earthwork analysis/management solution. XiteSafety offers safety management, including preventing collisions between construction equipment and workers. The XiteSIM 3D BIM based construction equipment (crane) pre-simulation solution allows the user to review optimal construction safety plans.

The World’s First ‘Transparent Bucket’ System

A fully working demonstration of Doosan’s industry unique Transparent Bucket safety system will be at Bauma for the first time. The Transparent Bucket is the first safety system of its type to provide a solution to prevent the danger of blind spots in front of the buckets of wheel loaders. 

The Transparent Bucket is a system that allows the wheel loader driver to see these blind spots using the monitor in the cab. The innovative system records images in front of the wheel loader with top and bottom front-loaded cameras and shows combined images on the cab monitor in real time using a curved projection method.

Owing to blind spots caused by the buckets on wheel loaders, the area in front of the machines has been considered an area of major concern in terms of safety. With the new Doosan Transparent Bucket function, however, the driver can easily check the blind spots in front of the bucket via the cab monitor, to increase safety and prevent accidents. Another advantage of the Transparent Bucket system is that it can significantly improve work efficiency by providing a forward-view perspective for the driver during loading/unloading or when carrying materials such as aggregates, sand and soil.

Other Safety Systems from Doosan on the Bauma Stand

Doosan has also developed further sophisticated cutting-edge safety systems for the company’s machinery range, such as the around view monitor (AVM) system, that can observe the machines’ surroundings, and a rear warning system using ultrasonic sensors, which have both received very favourable responses from customers. These systems are also on view at Bauma. 

A Doosan spokesperson commented: “As machinery and site safety standards continue to be significantly raised around the world, advanced safety systems have become a key factor in selecting equipment. We plan to continue developing safety features that can protect drivers and other workers on site, and we aim to be at the forefront in creating construction sites that are safer and accident-free.”

DX225LC-7X Teleoperation Showpiece on Doosan Bauma Stand

At Bauma 2022, Doosan will be demonstrating ‘TeleOperation’ of the company‘s new DX225LC-7X ‘Smart’ crawler excavator working in the Demo Area on the stand. 

Doosan defines TeleOperation as the operation of construction equipment from a remote station. At the last Bauma,Doosan created one of the highlights of the show, when the company provided the first demonstration of 5G technology for worldwide TeleOperation of construction machines. This entailed operating a Doosan DX380LC-5 40 tonne crawler excavator located over 8500 km away in South Korea, from an operator’s booth on the Bauma stand in Munich.

One of the reasons for the huge distance between the machine and operator at Bauma 2019 was the lack of availability of 5G technology at the time in Europe. Three years on, 5G is now fully implemented in Europe so at this year’s show, visitors will be able to see all of the parts of the operatlon live on the stand, with the DX225LC-7X being teleoperated by an operator in a booth close to the Demo area.

As Doosan’s first Smart crawler excavator, the DX225LC-7X is designed to help operators work faster and more efficiently. The DX225LC-7X offers a number of exciting features as standard, including Full Electric Hydraulic (FEH) technology. As well as the FEH system, other standard features of the DX225LC-7X include integrated 2D machine guidance and machine control systems, as well as an e-Fence Virtual Wall. In the latest development, the DX225LC-7X is now 3D Trimble-ready and Engcon ready as standard from the factory. Once the machine has been delivered to the customer, they can simply contact their local Trimble dealer for a 3D extension, as well as their local Engcon dealer to install a tiltrotator.

Next Generation DoosanCONNECTTM App

At Bauma, Doosan is demonstrating the company’s DoosanCONNECTTM Digital Platform, which has recently been launched across all European countries. While the DoosanCONNECT Fleet Management System already in use is focused on providing equipment management data based on telematics, the DoosanCONNECT Digital Platform is a mobile application available for both Apple and Android devices that now offers customers a new all-in-one management system for Doosan construction equipment. 

The latest upgrade to the DoosanCONNECT App introduces additional services and expanded overall functionality, allowing the App to eventually manage all processes from operation and maintenance to parts purchase through this one platform. The system is designed to increase productivity and efficiency at construction sites by reducing equipment management time and effort compared to offline and other solutions.

DoosanCONNECT tells the customer what they need and what they need to do. In addition, if equipment is in an abnormal state, a failure notification will be received. Management of the machine’s maintenance plan and the recording of the maintenance history is also another new key feature that adds convenience. Service can be requested directly, and the progress can be checked in real-time on the app itself.

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