DEVELON Makes Debut at World of Asphalt 2024

DEVELON will showcase two excavators and preview its first compact track loader at World of Asphalt 2024 in Nashville, March 25 – 27.* Prototype unit is shown above

The DEVELON DX42-7 mini excavator, DX225LC-7X crawler excavator and the all-new DTL35 compact track loader will be on display in booth 2255 at the Nashville Music City Center.

“This is the first year DEVELON will be exhibiting at World of Asphalt, the largest trade show for asphalt professionals and contractors,” says Jacob Sherman, product and dealer marketing manager at DEVELON. “This trade show gives us a chance to showcase our new brand and latest products and innovations to help customers in the asphalt and aggregates industries.”

DX42-7 Mini Excavator

The DEVELON DX42-7 mini excavator is a conventional tail swing model, ideally suited for navigating tight, congested job sites and urban areas. Part of the next-generation -7 Series mini excavator lineup, the DX42-7 offers such impressive features as fast cycle times, efficient torque-limiting piston pumps that respond to load demands, and a larger counterweight for improved balance and durability. The machine comes equipped with a standard thumb-ready arm.

Two cabin options are available: open canopy and enclosed cab configurations. Enclosed cab models come with standard heating and air conditioning and hands-free Bluetooth® audio. Operators have an improved view of the job site thanks to a framed full-glass door, an optional rearview camera and high-illumination LED lamps to see the work group.

As with all -7 Series mini excavators, a powerful telematics system is standard on the DX42-7. The DEVELON Fleet Management system monitors the machine’s location, health and productivity from a user-friendly website or mobile app.

DX225LC-7X Crawler Excavator

The DX225LC-7X is the first electronically controlled crawler excavator from DEVELON. The system enables advanced machine guidance and machine control systems — including 2D grading for accurate earthmoving and grading work. The DX225LC-7X offers superior hydraulics and a strong workgroup to deliver ample power and durability to the arm and bucket, maximizing lifting capability.

An optional dozer blade and the standard counterweight design provide strength and stability. Operators can also activate the tiltrotator mode for enhanced precision when using a tiltrotator accessory. Added comfort features include improved heating and cooling with an optional heated/cooled seat, easy-to-use joystick controls, a rearview camera, Smart Touch screen and optional 360-degree around view monitor (AVM) camera system.

DTL35 Compact Track Loader

The DEVELON DTL35 compact track loader is the company’s first entry in this product category for the North American construction market and will be available in 2024. The machine’s frame size and best-in-class horsepower position the DTL35 among the leaders in performance. The power and performance found in this machine result in an ideal grading and excavating unit.

The compact track loader will come standard with a torsion suspension system, providing a smooth ride for operators and durability for use on construction job sites. Additional stability when lifting and carrying loads is another benefit of the torsion suspension system for the DTL35. A standard rearview camera gives operators better visibility to the attachment and their surroundings. An optional 360-degree around view monitor (AVM) camera system will be available.