Demanding conditions need the Merlo TF50.8

Designed to work in the most demanding conditions across all industries, Merlo’s TF50.8telehandler delivers strong performance, high capacity, and consistent engine power.

Merlo engineers designed this telehandler to safely handle its maximum operating weight of 10,000 lbs. at its full lift height of 25’7”. The no-flex boom hefts its muscle with a maximum reach of 13’9” easily handling 3,100 lbs.

Surprisingly lightweight —21,900 lbs. unladen —this compact machine (15’10” x 7’9’ x 8’3”) is equipped with an Iveco 4 cyl. Diesel engine pushing 170 HP. The hydrostatic transmission, three steering modes and 25mph ensure nimble maneuverability under all conditions.

Frame leveling, integrated into the chassis, is available as standard on this model. It allows the operator to offset the ground slopes (± 8°)  allowing the telescopic boom to be moved out perpendicularly to work in maximum safety.

A wide split door leads to one of the roomiest cabs in the industry. The ROPS and FOPS certified cab is specifically designed for optimum operator performance.  It supplies 360° views ensuring an operator has a consistent sight lines on the load and terrain at all times. AC/heat is standard. Controls, including the electronic joystick, are designed for operator comfort and ease of use.  Plus, the cab is mounted on silent blocks drastically reduce vibrations and guaranteeing maximum comfort during the most arduous machine activities.

Safety is always first in every Merlo telehandler. The ASCS system’s design controls the operating parameters in real time. The highly visible LCD and cab pillar lights ensure the operator sees every aspect of the machine’s operation in relation to attachment, load weight, load position, and machine position.

Merlo’s Tac-Lock system for hydraulic clamping of the attachments further improves operating comfort. The TF50.8 versatility expands as it accepts many attachments such as buckets, specialty forks, clamps, winches, jibs, and hooks.

The TF50.8 delivers fuel economy through Merlo’s exclusive Eco Power Drive EPD technology which achieves a reduction in fuel consumption up to 18%.

Merlo’s TF50.8 is specifically designed to handle large quantities of heavy material in a short span of time. It packages excellent performance with many safety features to create a highly efficient, user-friendly machine.