Gloucestershire based groundwork and civil engineering specialist Bell Contracting has reduced its fleet CO2emissions by 86 tonnes per year, cutting its diesel consumption by 33,000 litres, through the use of FuelActive’s innovative clean fuel delivery system. The company, a division of the KW Bell Group, has installed the FuelActive system in 50 of its 95 excavators so far and has already been impressed by the rapid return on investment.

“FuelActive will give us a return on capital in less than a year, in fact in just eight months,” said Peter Bell, Managing Director of Bell Contracting. “In all my years of investing in plant equipment, I’ve never known anything with such a quick return.”

Bell Contracting provides groundwork services to many of the country’s top house building companies, working within a 60-mile radius of its Forest of Dean base. Those 95 excavators form less than half of the company’s total fleet of more than 250 machines, which also includes 75 cabbed site dumpers.

“The one thing you don’t want as an end-user is downtime. Downtime to us costs a fortune,” said Peter Bell.

“With the ever-increasing cost of fuel, you have to hone in on every drop. We were introduced to FuelActive by Simon Tomblin at Rocket Rentals and the approach from FuelActive has been fantastic. They’ve gone to site and in less than an hour the equipment has been installed, so from my point of view it’s been a very easy process.”

FuelActive’s patented fuel delivery system replaces the machine’s standard fuel pick-up pipe and works by avoiding contaminants such as water, small particles and diesel bug that settle at the bottom of a fuel tank.

“Stage V engines are fantastic, they are ultra-clean,” said Peter Bell. “But ultimately, an ultra-clean engine wants ultra-clean fuel and managing ultra-clean fuel on a housing site is very difficult. With FuelActive, we’ve got confidence that the fuel we use in a great engine is always clean.

By delivering the cleanest fuel available in the tank, the engine operates at maximum efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and ensuring the lowest possible exhaust emissions. The company will not only be saving money, but will be cutting its fleet carbon emissions considerably over time.

“With 50 machines fitted with FuelActive, we will actually be saving 33,000 litres of fuel and cutting 86 tonnes of CO2emissions per year,” said Peter Bell.

“I’d recommend it to anyone. FuelActive is saving us money, it’s making our fleet more efficient and ultimately, it’s saving CO2 emissions.”