Carey’s commitment to safety & Xwatch

In 2009 Careys took its health and safety efforts to a new level – that’s when the company introduced the SHED programme – Safe Home Every Day…

With the introduction of SHEDCareys shifted and evolved its mindset to focussing on eliminating risks, and therefore preventing incidents before they can occur. Careys explained that “With SHED, it’s no longer only about following industrywide processes on how to carry out construction safely on sites, it’s also about conducting our own thorough pre-planning procedures that allow us to establish and deliver the best methods to complete our projects as risk-free as possible.” 

In line with the company’s strong safety values, Careys has recently invested in 35 Xwatch XW5 safety systems, which are currently being installed on new Hitachi excavators. Jim Murphy, Careys Group Plant Manager, who has been with the company for almost 30-years said “We chose Xwatch because it was highly recommended and we were impressed by its simplicity and ease of use. We were keen to organise training on the new XW5 system for the company’s service engineers so that we could, with the help of Xwatch and Hitachi Connected Technology, provide nationwide support for our site teams.”

Fergus Fieldhouse, Xwatch Product Support Engineer and Technical Support Engineer Freddy Molina visited Careys onsite in Wembley, London last month. The team conducted training on an Hitachi ZX225-7 fitted with an Xwatch XW5, to a group of Careys engineers. Following a successful day – the Xwatch team left happy in the knowledge that a team of Careys service engineers were now fully ‘au fait’ with Xwatch. 

Dan Leaney, Xwatch Sales and Operations Director said, ” Everyone deserves to arrive ‘Safe Home Every Day’ and we are extremely proud that Careys has chosen the Xwatch Safety Solutions XW5 for its new Hitachi fleet. We look forward to continuing to support Careys and provide training for the company’s service engineers.

Futureproof your machine with the Xwatch XW5

The XW5 offers a total safe working envelope around the machine and operator enabling the control of the machine’s height, slew and rated capacity indication. This comprehensive system covers every eventually when considering both operator and machine safety, offering complete peace of mind. 

The XW5 can be configured to work on any type of hydraulic excavator. Overload, height, and slew limitation are controlled using proportional soft-stop hydraulic valves providing accurate and repeatable performance without detriment to the machine. A basic dig depth monitor is available when the RCI is not required. If hazards arise, XW5 will automatically flip to the relevant display page. Tracked machines have automatic sectored lifting duties for over the front/rear operation and over the side. Load charts are ISO10567 compliant.