Breheny Elevates Project Efficiency with Trimble GPS Technology

With over six decades of experience, Breheny stands as one of the UK’s largest family-owned civil engineering firms, offering comprehensive services across nearly two-thirds of the country. Renowned for their innovative approach, Breheny has integrated cutting-edge Trimble GPS technology into their operations, enhancing productivity and project management across numerous construction and infrastructure projects.

Embracing Technological Advancements

Breheny employs over 300 individuals and manages a diverse fleet of more than 20 excavators, dumpers, and other heavy machinery. Their portfolio includes award-winning projects in highways, bridges, utilities, and environmental sectors. Recently, Awesome Earthmovers visited their bustling Brightwell Lakes site near Ipswich, where Trimble Earthworks GPS technology was in full swing on a 20-tonne Volvo excavator.

Transforming Construction with Trimble Technology

The Trimble Earthworks system, supported by Trimble’s Business Center software and Works Manager app, integrates people, data, machines, and workflows into a cloud-enabled environment. This system allows real-time data access, helping teams stay on budget, schedule, and within resource limits from planning through maintenance.

Real-World Benefits and Expert Insights

Daniel Greenwood, Breheny’s Senior Land Surveyor, highlighted their seven-year journey with Trimble products supplied by Sitech UK & Ireland. The technology has significantly boosted their productivity and efficiency. Trimble Business Center aids in calculating earthwork quantities, preparing construction data, building 3D models, and generating ‘as-built’ documentation seamlessly.

Breheny initially tested three Trimble Earthworks machine control cab kits, allowing operators to experience the benefits firsthand. Now, with over 20 kits in operation, operators have become proficient, leveraging the technology to enhance precision and reduce the need for constant surveying.

Advanced Tools for Modern Construction

Breheny’s fleet includes GNSS machine control systems that streamline workflows from design to execution. Their survey drone collects site data, which is processed through Trimble Business Center to create 3D designs. These designs are sent to on-site operators via Trimble WorksManager, an intuitive dashboard that minimizes miscommunication between field and office.

Innovative Augmented Reality and Machine Control

The integration of Trimble Site Vision provides augmented reality capabilities, allowing site foremen to visualize new designs and changes, inspect work, and calculate measurements in real-time. This tool enhances on-site decision-making, ensuring projects stay on track and within budget.

Operator Insights

Lewis Jarmen, a skilled operator and key team member, praised the Trimble Earthworks system for its user-friendly interface and efficiency. The system allows him to quickly upload designs, create complex models, and communicate accurate data back to the office. This technology, he asserts, significantly enhances his independence and precision on the job.

Expanding the Fleet with Advanced Equipment

Breheny’s commitment to innovation is evident in their recent addition of an 8-tonne Kubota, equipped with Trimble Earthworks Grade Control and a tiltrotator. This versatile machine addresses tasks in confined spaces, completing the efficient workflow established by their larger equipment.

Future-Ready with Trimble 780 GNSS Smart Antenna

Breheny recently demoed the new Trimble 780 GNSS Smart Antenna, a robust receiver designed for durability and ease of use. This advanced tool, paired with Trimble Siteworks Positioning Software, allows for accurate data capture and real-time 3D surface modeling, even in challenging environments.

Collaborative Success

Daniel Greenwood attributes much of Breheny’s success to their partnership with Sitech, who provide essential support and diagnostics for their GPS systems. This collaboration ensures Breheny’s operations run smoothly, from equipment calibration to data management.

For more information about Breheny’s innovative use of Trimble technology, visit Awesome Earthmovers.

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