Bobcat Reveals Three New Loader Concepts at Demo Days  

– First view of the S7X, the world’s first all-electric skid-steer loader, 
and other exciting concepts and new technology 
such as MaxControl with the new Kishi physical remote – 

This year’s Bobcat Demo Days event is playing host to customers, dealers and the press from all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), who have come to see the latest that Bobcat has to offer. This includes the first look at Bobcat’s S7X, the world’s first all-electric skid-steer loader, one of three new loader concepts being shown at the event. Visitors can also experience exciting new technology developments, including the exciting MaxControl system with the new Kishi physical remote.   

Bobcat Demo Days 2023 Highlights

Blending established products with new developments, Demo Days 2023 provides an industry unique opportunity to try out the full range of Bobcat wheeled and tracked loaders, mini-excavators, telehandlers, light compaction products and attachments in working conditions. Bobcat is also showing how the recently acquired Doosan Industrial Vehicle forklifts and Doosan Portable Power products will look in signature Bobcat white and orange branding.  

Highlights of the product array at the 2023 Bobcat Demo Days

  • Preview: L95 compact wheel loader 
  • Material handling and Portable Power products with first view of Bobcat branding

Concept machines and technology

  • L35 Small articulated loader
  • L40 Compact wheel loader
  • MaxControl with new Kishi physical remote 
  • S7X – The World’s First All-Electric Skid-Steer Loader
  • T-OLED (Transparent Touch OLED Display) mounted on a loader cab
  • E35z Electro-hydraulic Mini-Excavator with MaxControl remote operation

Bobcat Wheel Loader Portfolio Continues to Expand

Bobcat is showing both smaller and larger sized models in line with the company‘s commitment to become a compact wheel loader full liner in the near future.

New L95 Compact Wheel Loader  

The new L95 model being previewed at Demo Days will be the next addition to the Bobcat compact wheel loader line-up, following on from the original L85 machine launched in 2021. The L95 is powered by a powerful Bobcat 75 HP engine and offers a top speed of 40 km/h and an increased lift capacity. 

Like the L85, there are multiple Bobcat loader attachments approved for use on the L95. Among the new attachments are a 1.0 m3 general purpose bucket and a 1.5 m3 light material bucket and new grapple bucket and tines attachments for agriculture. Other new features include an air-ride heated seat; DAB+ radio with phone connectivity and improved automatic ride control, high flow and quick tach systems.

Bobcat Wheel Loader Portfolio Tests Market Interest With Two New Concepts 

At the smaller end of the range, the company is displaying a new concept machine – the L40 – in the 2-3 tonne category. The L40 weighs less than 2.5 tonne and is designed as a powerful load and carry, application-focused machine. Whilst it is simple, robust, and easy to operate, the L40 is designed for heavy duty applications such as road maintenance and construction. 

Bobcat is also showing the L35, a new small articulated loader (SAL) concept machine, which is an extension of the existing SAL portfolio to cover the market segment for high performance machines which are easy to transport on a trailer. The machine weight is again below 2.5 tonne, which allows easy transportation and a high lift capacity. The engine power on the L35 is 57 HP, which allows for higher travel speeds and pushing power. The L35 is designed to be a tool carrier machine with high hydraulic power available for demanding attachments such as snow blowers, sweepers or angle brooms and it is equipped with a telescopic boom as standard to ensure a higher working range.

Jaroslav Fiser, Product Line Director Loaders for Doosan Bobcat EMEA, says: “With the new L95 loader and the smaller wheeled loader concepts, we are once again demonstrating our commitment to offer the most complete loader portfolio in the world. Demo Days also provides our dealers and customers with an exclusive first look at the new L35 and L40 concept machines that enables them to participate in the development process as well as provide us with their valued assessments and feedback.“ 

Demonstrating Super Flow on T86 Compact Track Loader  

One of the most exciting aspects of the new top-of-the-range T86 compact track and S86 skid-steer loaders is that both machines have for the first time three different auxiliary flow outputs, including a new, industry unique Super Flow function taking auxiliary flow to 159 l/min. 

At Demo Days, Bobcat is presenting the T86 in a forestry application that amply demonstrates the Super Flow function by equipping the machine with the new XT FRC extra torque forestry cutter. Supplied as a plug and play solution, the new forestry cutter with 2 m width is perfect for mulching tree sections into smaller chips. 

The XT FRC can even operate below grade to process mulch into the soil. Despite the power of the attachment, the compact size and manoeuvrability of the T86 allow the operator to easily move between trees and surgically cut only the damaged/unwanted tree sections. 

S7X: The World’s First All-Electric Skid-Steer Loader with 8 Hour Run Time

Like the T7X, the world’s first all-electric compact track loader unveiled last year, the S7X prototype is all electric, as it is powered by a 60.5-kWh, lithium-ion battery, features electric drive motors and utilizes ball screw actuators for lift and tilt functions. 

Together, the battery and electrical powertrain generate incredible performance characteristics, with instantaneous torque that is as much as three times greater than traditional loaders. The powerful loader balances sustainability and performance with zero emissions and is equipped to outperform its diesel-powered equivalent. 

This all-electric skid-steer loader offers operators a smooth and comfortable experience with minimal vibration and nearly silent operation. 

“The S7X can operate for up to 8 hours on a single charge depending on the application, giving most operators more than a full day’s work when breaks and downtime are considered. A full charge takes approximately 10 hours,” adds Joel Honeyman, VP Global Innovation, Doosan Bobcat

Bobcat MaxControl with New Razer Kishi Gaming Controller

Bobcat MaxControl Remote Operation provides convenient, easily accessible remote-control operation using an app on an iPhone. As is being demonstrated at Demo Days, Bobcat has combined MaxControl with the universal Razer Kishi mobile gaming controller designed to bring console-level comfort in controlling the machine.

“At Bobcat, we like packaging complex solutions into simple and easy to use products. With this solution, one can simply enable physical joysticks for Bobcat MaxControl Remote Operation by plugging the phone into the Razer Kishi mobile gaming controller,” adds Vijay Nerva

Achieving Full Transparency on the Jobsite

Mounted on a compact loader, Bobcat is showcasing its T-OLED touchscreen, an advance in transparent display technology developed together with LG that gives operators the ability to touch and customize their user interface with smart widgets and interactive applications. This transparent, multifunction set-up, delivers jobsite-specific data, providing vital information and machine insights for users in real-time. Moreover, thanks to its transparent nature, operators can simply refocus their vision to see everything that is going on around them on site.

E35z Electro-hydraulic Mini-Excavator with added MaxControl Remote Operation

At Demo Days, visitors can see the Bobcat E35z electro-hydraulic mini-excavator in combination for the first time with the company’s MaxControl remote operation system. Bobcat MaxControl enables operators to control their Bobcat excavator from outside of the cab at a variety of distances using their iPhone to maximize versatility on the jobsite.

The 3.5-tonne E35z features an electro-hydraulic control system rather than conventional hydraulic joysticks, meaning it can be customized and programmed to suit all levels of operator skill. Thanks to its integrated sensors, the modelcan perform a variety of semi-automated tasks, helping users to conduct precise grading, levelling and trenching activities in addition to other repetitive operations such as return-to-dig movements. 

Doosan Bobcat’s New Global Brand Expansion

Bobcat has broadened its product portfolio significantly within the past five years, launching more machines and attachments during this period than previously in its entire history. The brand has successfully expanded its offerings with new technologies and innovations and expanded product lines, such as compact wheel loaders, light compaction or ground maintenance equipment, including compact tractors, mowers and turf equipment.  

Doosan Bobcat recently announced a new global branding strategy to create business and growth opportunities for the Bobcat product portfolio. This initiative includes rebranding of the product offering of Doosan Industrial Vehicle (DIV), a supplier of quality material handling equipment, including forklifts and Doosan Portable Power (DPP), an industry-leading global manufacturer of air compressors, mobile generators and light towers under the Bobcat brand. At Demo Days 2023, visitors can see the first products with new Bobcat trade dress that will enter the market in the near future. 

The Bobcat branded forklifts are represented by the D30S-9 model, part of the 9-Series of high performance and fuel-efficient premium diesel forklifts. The ergonomic operator compartment ensures control, productivity and reduced fatigue. 

Doosan Portable Power products on display at Demo Days include the new PG100 100 kVA Stage V Generator and the PL01 and PL40 lighting towers. All displayed DPP products are already using the new, simplified product naming – Compressors use the designation PA (Portable Air), Generators will use the designation PG (Portable Generator) and Lighting Systems will use the designation PL (Portable Light).