Big is Best at Singleton Birch

Singleton Birch Ltd has been quarrying Lincolnshire lime and chalk since the 1850s. It is a company with a proud past, and having recently been acquired by US based Mississippi Lime Company, it has a very bright future. 

Singleton Birch took all of their machinery back in house towards the end of last year and opted to begin operating with the CASE machinery brand.  Awesome Earthmovers visited the company’s busy quarry in North Lincolnshire to see in action its latest addition, a CASE CX750D ME supplied by award winning dealers Warwick Ward (Machinery) Ltd.

At more than 70 tonnes, the CASE CX750D ME is a brute of an excavator and makes quite an impressive sight as it works at the quarry face, placing large volumes of material on to articulated dumpers for processing later down the line.

Warwick Ward’s Commercial Director, Simon Causier, tells us the CASE CX750D ME is the largest in the range and has joined a number of others in the Singleton Birch fleet that includes a CASE CX500D, CASE 590 SV backhoe, four CASE 1021G wheel loaders and a CASE CX210E excavator. 

Since its arrival, according to Singleton Birch’s quarry manager John Ross, it has certainly been earning its keep, handling between 4,500 to 5,000 tonnes of material on a good day. “We originally considered investing in two new 50tonne CASE machines, but decided with the size of the CASE CX750D ME it would be safer for the operators working the quarry face, and be more efficient and productive, and that has proved to be so,” says John.

“We specified extra guards on the hydraulics for the main boom, in addition to rock guards. Its slightly wider tracks also make it more stable. It is operating with a 4.2m³ bucket at the moment, but we are working with CASE and Warwick Ward to see if we can fit a larger capacity bucket.”

He adds: “We have been dealing with Warwick Ward for some time and they have always provided the essential back up service and support we need. The team there is always on the ball if there are any issues or servicing requirements that need addressing.”

The CASE CX750D ME can be operated in one of three operating modes to make the best use of hydraulic and engine power…

Delivering 512 horsepower to 75,000 lbs. of bucket digging force, and even more than 82,000lbs when the auto power boost kicks in, the CASE CX750D ME can be operated in one of three operating modes – Automatic (A), Heavy (H) and Speed Priority (SP) – to make the best use of hydraulic and engine power. 

And it is fuel efficient, too. Even the hydraulics helps save fuel with its exclusive CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System that actively manages hydraulic power throughout a variety of movements and tasks.  These include reducing oil flow during bucket dump, boom down and swing operations, or calibrating the pumps displacement and spools opening in the most efficient manner to always minimize fuel consumption while maximizing the machine’s responsiveness for the operator.

Routine servicing of the machine is made easy with guardrails that help you safely move around the excavator during daily service checks. Engine and oil filters and optional oil sampling ports are all in the pump compartment for quick and easy access. Plus, a standard hydraulically driven reversing fan helps keep the coolers clear of debris so there’s less cleaning to do or clogging to worry about. 

The excavator is used by a number of different operators during the working week and when we visited the quarry it was Chris Walker behind the controls. He has 15 years’ experience on excavators and dump trucks and says the CX750D ME is an impressive machine. 

“Not only is it a great looking machine, it packs a powerful punch, has a well designed and spacious cab that gives me a comfortable working environment.  I particularly like the small joysticks which are easy to handle and access to the cab is good, thanks to the well positioned steps,” says Chris. 

“I am also finding it is very easy on fuel and especially on AdBlue. There’s not much not to like about the machine,” adds Chris, pointing to other features such as its high-back, air-ride seat, which delivers greater comfort and support, a rear-view camera, and a 7-inch widescreen monitor that displays real-time access to fuel consumption, performance information and the standard Bluetooth radio.

After just over three months working at the quarry, the CASE CX750D ME has clearly made a great impression on the team at Singleton Birch which was established in 1815 and is named after the founder William Singleton Birch, who was a minerals merchant. 

The acquisition last year by Mississippi Lime is part of the St Louis headquartered company’s strategy to drive growth and sustainability through geographic expansion. It is a world-class producer of calcium products including quicklime, hydrated lime, and calcium carbonate and has been producing products from one of the richest limestone reserves in the world.  Today it supplies products throughout North America and the world from over twelve plants and terminals.

“Singleton Birch is a great fit, and we are delighted to welcome them to the Mississippi Lime family…”

“For more than 115 years, Mississippi Lime has been focused on meeting the evolving needs and priorities of our customers,” said Paul Hogan, President and CEO of Mississippi Lime Company, speaking after announcing the take-over. “That focus has served our customers, our employees and our business very well. Our approach is to grow by finding businesses that represent a good cultural fit for us and can complement what we already provide to customers. Singleton Birch is a great fit, and we are delighted to welcome them to the Mississippi Lime family.” 

Singleton Birch employs more than 150 staff and continues to operate under its existing brand, while the Singleton Birch management team, led by Chief Executive Officer Richard Stansfield, has also remained in place. “Being part of the Mississippi Lime family will enable us to invest more and power the growth of Singleton Birch,” said Richard. “We’re delighted to have a partner for the next stage in our development that shares our culture and values.” 

That development may mean more CASE machines joining the company’s already impressive fleet and says Warwick Ward’s Simon Causier: “We are thrilled that Singleton Birch has chosen Warwick Ward (Machinery) Ltd. for their machinery needs. This business is a testament to the trust and strong relationship we’ve built over the years. Our team takes great pride in providing high-quality machinery and is motivated by such continued confidence in our products and services. We’re grateful for this ongoing partnership and look forward to contributing further to our client’s success.”