Better turnover

When it comes to making quality compost, good turnover is key. To deliver the best product for their customers and grow their businesses, Ovenell Farms needed windrow turners with efficient throughput and maximum uptime. 

A family-run business, Ovenell Farms has been helping farmers make the most of their resources in the Eastern Washington area for over 20 years. Operating for six generations, their composting services help dairy farms and agricultural producers reuse their organic materials effectively. This reduces their need for artificial fertilizers, saving them money and improving their sustainability. 

Compost windrow turners are a key piece of equipment in Ovenell Farm’s operations. So, when it came to upgrading to a new model, the business partnered with experts Powerscreen of Washington. 

Maximizing farm profits

Moving to Eastern Washington State more than ten years ago, President Gregg Ovenell started Ovenell Farm’s composting services. Working alongside his sons and wife, the business now supports local agricultural businesses with feedstock removal and transport, windrow turning, material screening, compost delivery and application. 


Alongside selling compost commercially to farmers, Ovenell Farms works with individual dairies to help them make the most of their organic waste. This includes managing the whole process to create a quality product that can be hauled out on trucks and put onto fields. 

Their expertise and range of services landed them a contract with a large farm in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State. This dairy had an existing composting program but wanted to free up its team to focus on core operations. Ovenell Farms was able to help by supporting the dairy’s compost manufacturing and certification process.  

It also meant they needed to upgrade their machinery to create the 60,000 tons of compost manufactured on the dairy’s site. As Chief Financial Officer Kyle Ovenell explains, “We needed a windrow turner that could perform efficiently and keep doing so for hour after hour. Having worked with Powerscreen before, we knew they’d be able to help us find the right option.” 

Full composting control

Having brought their first Komptech X6000 from the Powerscreen team several years ago, the Ovenell Farm’s team was impressed by its fuel efficiency and the level of turning control it offered. “Depending on the type of material you’re composting, you need to turn at a different speed,” Kyle explains. “So, the lower drum speed of the Komptech has lots of advantages compared to the competition.” 

Upgrading to the 2016 model, the Ovenell Farms team immediately benefited from its improved performance and reliability. With a heavy-duty and sturdy frame that’s been specifically designed for commercial composting, the CAT® C9.3B Tier 4f/STAGE V engine and large 4’7″ diameter turning drum help operators turn large amounts of compost consistently. 

This efficiency and Ovenell Farm’s expertise mean the team can continue to create a high-quality product. Plus, the engine cooling system and quality hydraulics keep the Komptech X6000 running efficiently for longer. With good uptime and fuel efficiency, the composting business can give customers what they need while keeping costs low. 

As Jim Brennan, Sales Representative from Powerscreen Washington adds, these machines also help operators keep working efficiently for longer. “Komptech turners combine Austrian-made quality with the creature comforts operators love. Air conditioning, ground-level entry, and a 360-degree camera help them work well for several hours at a time.” 

Specialized support

Now partners for more than a decade, the Ovenell Farm team still sees Powerscreen as the go-to expert for composting equipment and parts. As Kyle says, “The Powerscreen team has gone out of its way on multiple occasions to keep our operations running. The trust and comfort we have in working with the team is the best part for us.” 

When their operations temporarily moved into rock crushing and sizing, they also benefited from Powerscreen’s flexible purchasing and rental options. They were able to rent crushers and screeners for this short period of time and get Powerscreen’s advice on the best way to build the processing line. 

The dependability and expertise Powerscreen offer have brought advantages to Ovenell Farms far beyond the high performance of the Komptech machinery. As Kyle explains, “Powerscreen has a niche in the specialized equipment we use. Our operation benefits from the cost savings of having such a supplier in our area. The team also comes with extensive experience in the operations, repair, and maintenance of the equipment which means we don’t have to figure things out the hard way.”